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  • @EA_Andy, @EA_Lanna, @EA_DarDar, @EA_Cian and @EA_Leeloo: anybody?
  • @EA_Andy, @EA_Lanna, @EA_DarDar, @EA_Cian and @EA_Leeloo; guys, could anyone of you please have the decency to reply to this? I've paid for this game, I have an issue, I reach out on the official forum and I'd like an answer.
  • I know, it's amazing. I can't even begin to guess why they would do that. It's not like simming all those leagues every week again is easier than just letting them run their course.
  • Request send. I play full manual with passing on assisted and shooting on semi, but I'm willing to go full manual for a few friendlies.
  • What is this FIFA Online thing and why does it have facescans FIFA 19 doesn't have?
  • I don't know, if that was the case the option to change settings to manual or semi for all those different forms of passing wouldn't even be in the game. It's just bad/lazy game development, like always.
  • EA_Andy wrote: » You need the latest patch in order to be able to play, even if you could uninstall the update you wouldn't be able to play a match. There were no gameplay changes outside of goalkeeper movement speed reduction either. Is…
  • Nobody? Am I the only one bothered by this?
  • Why not have both? It's not like the same guys are working on both gameplay and face scans. Am I crazy to want good gameplay with good transfers, good tactics, a good career mode and more face scans and the abilitiy to either choose a real manager o…
  • There must be something we can do about it on PC, right? I'm going to look in the code, maybe there is something there.
  • PPerfect_CJ wrote: » The last patch totally changed the game. The CPU is consistently scoring on me no matter how well I’m playing. If they get a decent cross off, it’s an automatic goal. They deflect or intercept an unrealistic amount of passes, …
  • Nobody? It's really irritating. Right now I have the whole afternoon to play: laggy as hell, can't play a decent game.
  • It's incomprihensible. Is it amateurism or bad will?
  • The funny thing is that this update actually added Sancho's face, but because the squad update turned his face 'status' from yes to no again, it's not (yet) visible in game. With the cheat engine you can change that status yourself, so I've got Sanc…
  • wetcase wrote: » Jadon Sancho (Title Update 8) (will be available after the next squad update) @wetcase: where did you get this information, and is there any more?
  • That's just dissapointing, Andy. I really don't understand why you guys can't or won't comment on those things. This comment of yours is really worse than "Sanco's face was a mistake, it's not coming for FIFA19".
  • ChrisW1991 wrote: » You might aswell turn towards your brick wall and ask that instead mate.. Only when that didn't work I posted here. In al seriousness, @EA_Andy, this would be a great moment to get rid of your reputation that you clea…
  • TM1982 wrote: » New squads are up. Look up to date. Suarez at Arsenal and no Fellaini at United. Still no new boots though. They gave Sancho his old generic face back though, in stead of the star head we all suspected. And some players are …
  • Archie_Blagger wrote: » What is even more disappointing is EAs lack of communication with paying customers. Rarely will you get any meaningful discourse with issues and when they are likely to be fixed/addressed, so you have no idea if these wil…
  • Allright, @EA_Andy, could you please shed some light on Sancho getting a bald white face on the previous squad update and having it removed again in the next one? I know you'll probably say EA isn't able to comment on that right now, but please reme…
  • It's amazing that for as long as the window is open EA is able to update transfers that happened only a day before, but now it's been almost a week since the window closed and the last transfers still haven't been updated.
  • I'm just trying to understand how bald guys keep popping up, and what this means for Sancho's face. All we, the community, want to know is if there are more faces inbound. It would be wonderful if you could confirm or deny this. The more details the…
  • EA_Andy wrote: » MrSkittles93 wrote: » No. Only Sancho after new squad update. But I can check some other players. Thanks. Which console are you on? Verdi42 wrote: » EA_Andy wrote: » @MrSkittles93 - Have you noticed any other f…
  • EA_Andy wrote: » @MrSkittles93 - Have you noticed any other faces change apart from Sancho? @EA_Andy: Why are you ignoring my post?
  • Care to shed some light on this, @EA_Andy? Some honesty and clarity would be greatly appreciated. Explain to us how the process works. This is what I'm guessing now: when a player with a generic face is going to get a scanned face, EA needs to actu…
  • I was just chatting with EA to complain again about the limited amount of save slots for career mode, and since the guy didn't understand my problem I asked to speak to a supervisor. While I had his ear I decided to complain about some more things, …
  • It's telling that one of the best features was actually a bug.
  • I think you can fix this on pc with the cheat engine.
  • Benja190782 wrote: » Frustrating? It’s the most authentic football experience ever made! Just press LT when you receive the ball. First touch is much more realistic after the update. And headers also. Much better. You have to be less frantic wi…
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