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  • (Quote) It’s obviously a joke, people kept asking about those faces and they ARE NOT UPDATED, so this was sarcasm.
  • (Quote) Absolutely correct, expect the least amount of scans and you won’t be disappointed much.
  • El Padrino, according to EA Andy they do relay messages to the development team, obviously chances of that actually happening are slim, however we can still try, again if all our voices are combined we will be easier to hear.
  • EA logic for starhead creation strategy is very questionable and disappointing - I think we can all agree on that. Thus this forum should present a unified front and pick its battles to achieve more desired results. It is impossible for ea to liste…
  • Incredible! Norwegian women's team is fully scanned and in the game, finally! While men's European champions don't have real uniform and mostly generic squad, one of the brightest young stars of Euro's in Fifa17 looks like an alien from "Predat…
  • It seems Coup d'état is needed in virtual Fifa as well. I wish the producers for the game would be chosen from the starheads forum to steer it in a right direction and focus Fifa on simple things like more league scans, starheads for quality players…
  • (Quote) It is sad, so far, leaning on facts, we have less faces updated in a whole year for fifa17 than the other soccer game creates in a quarterly updates - sad. But hey if you expect a bare minimum from Ea then you will never be disappointment.
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