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  • The red line literally makes no sense lol. Everton been done over here.
  • https://twitter.com/millar_colin/status/1467967780800667655?s=21 Wtf :D
  • I don’t know how on earth they found a gap on that one, considering both their feet were touching the edge of the white penalty box line.
  • I thought the new rules were meant to prevent offsides like this? That was a joke.
  • Explain how it is selective?
  • The whole punchline goes out the window when you have to resort to slander. Better luck next time.
  • He's been struck down with cowarditis.
  • No, thanks. Unlike some, I'd rather stick to one team.
  • The non-believers never went anywhere.
  • Salah and Mane tend to miss just as much as Werner does, tbh. But the sheer amount of chances they get means they also score a bagful too. So far this season, Salah has 7 big chances missed. Mane has 9. Werner isn't even in the top 20. Last season, Salah had 19 and Mane had 18. Werner also had 18. I really do think he…
  • Absolutely no doubt in my mind that if we got Werner, he would be putting up Jota numbers. I can't really get my head around why he picked Chelsea (well, we know it was about money, but still). Not sure about Havertz. Perfect Firmino replacement, for sure, but would he score enough? I suppose in Firmino's role, you don't…
  • But you still get the likes of @ViVaWhom claiming that he hurts us. Clueless.
  • https://twitter.com/JoeBW_6/status/1466392724316295172?s=20 https://twitter.com/JoeBW_6/status/1466392728569327622?s=20 Add Everton and Wolves to that last one.
  • https://twitter.com/JoeBW_6/status/1466392718771380230?s=20 Says it all. Worth noting how good Keita is too. If he could stay fit and we played Fabinho, Thiago and Keita for a run of games, I think the results would be phenomenal. He's back in training now, so maybe we'll see it soon.
  • We're so lucky to have Fabinho and Thiago. Watching them together since the International break has been mesmerising. Easily 2 of the best midfielders in the League. Thiago's defensive work gets overlooked by so many. He's been unreal with his tackling and pressing.
  • He will score a few, most likely in a cluster as well, which will get everyone excited again. But then he will go on another goal-less streak. I've mentioned this before and I'm saying it again. Watch it happen.
  • The fact Origi is 1 PL goal behind their star striker, having played 38 minutes should set alarm bells ringing. Edit: Werner only has 1 PL goal, hahaha f'ing hell, that's shocking.
  • Every time I see Kieran McKenna on TV, I think it is Darren Fletcher.
  • Incredible is pushing it a bit. He scored against Arsenal whilst they were at an all-time low and then he was absolutely pants at Anfield, before getting a brace against Villa, who were also doing atrociously at the time. Since then, nothing. That's it. 3 goals in 10 PL games, scoring in just 2 games out of 10, which is…
  • Pretty much, yeah.
  • Wouldn't call it under the radar, with how much he's been hyped up since he signed for Arsenal.
  • For someone who keeps being touted as the best Manager in the world, Tuchel sure does seem to be struggling to get the best out of his £100m striker.
  • 1. City - 35 2. Liverpool - 34 3. Chelsea - 28 @finsfan85 Oops.
  • Origi has 6 G/A in 313 minutes this season. I can’t stop laughing at how much the Origi hate has backfired :D
  • Can’t wait for Elliot to return. Hopefully he picks up where he left off. I reckon he would have bagged about 5 goals by now.
  • 2-3 years. The cycle continues.
  • The comments I’ve read today have been fun to read. It made me wonder what sort of things people were saying during and after Ole’s first game. So I went and had a look. Amusing to say the least :D Deja vu.
  • https://twitter.com/michael_reid11/status/1467455312336670723?s=20
  • Arsenal shivering.

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