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  • Next season promises to be a good one if we do bring in 2 non injury prone CMs. The chances of another injury crisis would plummet.
  • Bang on. The injury crisis was the first domino that created a devastating knock on effect. It’s not a coincidence that our “attitude” was fine during the seasons that we weren’t crippled by injuries. It’s also not a coincidence that our “attitude” was fine when we got a few players back recently and started to look more…
  • I foresee it being a painful one for Chelsea fans, seeing Mount back to his best, ripping it up for a rival.
  • Man United need a striker/goal scorer. They can’t rely on Rashford to carry most of that burden alone. They’ve been waiting for Sancho to “catch fire” for nearly 2 full seasons now, so at this point, it’s probably not happening.
  • Of course. Just saying why I don’t want Arsenal to win the PL :D City fans are almost non-existent. There’s not a lot to put up with when Man City win the title.
  • What what it is worth, Man United fans are definitely up there too, at least in real life :D @RainyDays_10 right? Can think of at least 2 :D “POGBA TO FRED TO POGBA!” Brb it’s Young Boys. Good times. Edit: “mark my words, Sanchez will shut you up”.
  • It goes way further back than this season. There’s a reason AFTV got so big. Because rival fans were tuning in to see the delusion and then the subsequent egg-on-face/rage when it all goes wrong, season in, season out. Arsenal fans act like AFTV members don’t represent or reflect the attitude of the fanbase, but in…
  • 18/19: no injury crisis, challenged for PL and won CL. 19/20: no injury crisis, won PL. 20/21: injury crisis, terrible season. 21/22: no injury crisis, challenged for PL and reached CL final. 22/23: injury crisis, terrible season. Is that just a coincidence? I don’t think so. Considering the plans are to let at least 4…
  • At least in the past few years Liverpool fans have seen their team win virtually everything there is to win and they’ve done that during Pep Guardiola’s cheating Man City era to boot. They’ve seen Liverpool consistently challenge for the PL and the CL, so technically, is it delusion to believe we can keep doing so?…
  • We’d still have Tsimikas if we wanted to play that way and from a tactical viewpoint, perhaps Gvardiol at LB could mean we transition into a back 3 during phases (Gvardiol, VVD and Konate is a scary trio), giving TAA more of a free role. That could kill two birds with one stone, as it would likely make us more solid…
  • I can’t see Man City signing Bellingham or any other big name this summer with the investigation hanging over their heads. From a player perspective, why would you risk it?
  • Newcastle are 3 points behind you and your next game is at their ground. Lose that, and you’ve been well and truly sucked into the top 4 race. Unthinkable a few weeks ago.
  • He needs to be investigated for match fixing. That was incomprehensible.
  • You that that, pal. Jesus Christ.
  • The Salah decision was correct. Tonight’s was wrong, unless they’ve called it for something I’m not seeing.
  • They have. I got a warning. Now get to blocking.
  • How is it clear I’ve done that? You literally said that what I said doesn’t match up with you? I threw around some funny characteristics like unibrow and hamster cheeks and everyone is running scared lol. Maybe it hit too close to home. Awkward.
  • That is my point though. No one speaks up when it’s done to me. But the moment I say or do anything that is deemed “out of line” I’m almost literally gangbanged instantly. How’s that fair? Not a peep when I get called autistic. Not a peep when I’m accused of molesting dogs. But god forbid I say anything bad, you’re right…
  • Thank god.
  • Glad someone recognises that at least. It’s also “not on” to regularly gang up on someone, but they’ve got no problem doing that day in, day out. But whenever I do something, I’m the worst person alive.
  • I’m perfectly happy for the mods to get in touch with me. There’s PLENTY for me to show them too :)
  • You’re a hypocrite. Simple as that really. Put me on ignore. It’s not difficult.
  • But it’s okay when it’s done to me yeah! :D
  • I haven’t talked about hacking anyone? It’s been accused, but I’ve not talked about it or done it? Lol it’s not okay for me to be “personal” but it’s okay for others to accuse me of having special needs or being a dog molester? The hypocrisy is insane. It’s only ever a problem when it’s me.
  • You’re such a wet wipe :D I get grief from you lot for months on end and I do a little joke and you completely freak out lmao. No-one said anything when people were trying to “detective” me and my “old” accounts and call me random names, yet I do something similar and suddenly… Hypocrites.
  • I haven’t stalked anyone, by the way, unless you count seeing people’s names on the fantasy league :) This was way too easy. Panic stations! Master hacker at work! Loool. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, guys :D Jesus.
  • Noted, pal!
  • :D Absolutely rattled beyond belief.
  • Shivering.
  • Sure you are!

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