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  • Did they have the famous "mesh" when they recreated the mercurials that they have been in the game since day one and that look like clown shoes? Hasn't EA scanned the last Adidas pack (scanning being necessary !!) having 2/4 boots of the pack and new models also already in the game? Ea hasn't added several colorways for…
  • What meshes and textures are you talking about ret*rded? They just need to change the color of the boots, the models already exist. And stop insulting people, keyboard brave, f*g.
  • New black adidas pack, no trace of the missing adidas, the puma or the new vapors, they are making fun of us, there is no other explanation
  • What annoys me is that they don't add all of them in an update, I don't know how funny it's to add 8 faces and 2 weeks later another 8, in addition to the joke of not being able to create a pack of customs faces for players who should have them from a few years ago and that appear in the highlights of each week ... (a…
  • People recommending playing FUT, just what we need ...
  • The level of abandonment of this game by EA (Gameplay, bugs both in gameplay and in career mode, slowness when adding content, etc ...) is disgusting, to never buy a game from them again. A pity that there are several generations of compulsive gamblers generating them so much money ...
  • The goalkeeper is wearing the new Predators, maybe the ones with the short socks, although I wouldn't trust much, they seem to use mods to make those videos, or that or they are going to add the option to play with empty stadiums and the Wirtz custom in the new update😂😂
  • 😂😂The truth is that for the CM players it would be more interesting that when they scan players of Latin American teams they would not forget the young players and only did it with the 15 starters / subs(+28 year old players)... but hey, something is something, the fans of those teams will be happy
  • It seems that next week another title update arrives, that or during the rest of this month, which seems to be the one they usually use to add scans to the game, I do not think that this year there will be any boots missing, although it will be late
  • Title update coming soon🙃🙃
  • It seems that M. Philipp has his scan in the game again, this site will never be the same without his photo on all the pages... Maybe I'll sign him for my team in my CM, just because of the trauma
  • Well, he said that an update with faces would arrive on Thursday and it arrived the following Tuesday, taking into account that there are a couple of bald faces and that they have to put new packs of boots, especially the one from adidas, with which they are always up to date, is credible
  • It has also happened to me, although only with one player, it's solved if you put an undershirt or long sleeves on the player
  • Nike has only released one pack this year, apart from the exclusives that are already in the game, I suppose that the red phantoms will have been hidden because Nike has not announced them yet, I suppose that the new ones that come out will also be there even if it's later, It seems that there are no more problems between…
  • Maybe Gayà, his face is custom from FIFA 14 or 15 I think, and it was surely scanned when EA scanned the Liga
  • The boots are in edit mode, not replace the generic ones, it's a step, my cm is refreshed haha
  • The faces that have added this update are already there, regarding the boots, there has been no squad update in 3 days, maybe some will arrive within hours
  • Well, it looks like the current gen version of the game has already been converted to legacy edition...
  • Well, it looks like the current gen version of the game has already been converted to legacy edition ...
  • Well, now to wait again for them to put the faces that they want to put to start the career mode, hopefully this year the faces will be updated without having to start a new one (haha)
  • Yes, there are some "gamechangers" who have already been able to play today, the sad thing is that they have spent all afternoon opening packs, anyone would say that it's a football game ...
  • If the fashion is now going to be to scan celebrities that the only football they know is because they follow Cristiano on instagram and they do not consider giving customs or improving generic faces for all players (or giving the community the opportunity to do so), It is reason enough to consider not buying Fifa 22,…
  • Disregarding facial expressions, which cause nightmares, or faces of psychopaths or super-smoked, and there are still those who try to argue that the faces of pes are better than Fifa ones
  • You sure are one of those who cries because that Greenwood guy doesn't have a scan, right?
  • If those facescans are important ... okay: Cillesen Diakhaby Paulista and Gayà (Update, although the ones they have now are not so bad) Racic Kangin lee Manu Vallejo Gameiro update Jorge Saenz Esquerdo Yunus Musah Guillamon ...etc
  • It's normal that there is no news, it usually happens every year after Gamescom, and this year it gets worse, what is true is that EA should rethink the launch dates, it's true that the competition releases a season update practically every year and half-updated, but I don't think EA needs so much time to work on the game…
  • It is as bad to ask for money for simple images as it is to complain about it and continue sharing them, there are several twitter accounts (mateogonz ... joshua ... to_omar that in addition to doing this it seems that they have also snitch)
  • New Valencia faces??
  • Next tuesday, and then we will have to wait for a squad update
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