Tuqijuno An Exciting Prospect



  • Italy was better today and maybe the best team through the tournament. Now let's just hope no violence etc come from this.
  • FoF Foden from Russia SBC in Europe section. Insta sold for 1,6 M.
  • I'd rather have Danger Pohjanpalo, but not going to oppose.
  • He already has a TOTS, so I'd like to see other guys.
  • I like this, especially if more of these get released like this. Pohjanpalo, Kamara, Uronen would be great.
  • This would be a perfect opportunity to give some love for less hyped players! I certainly wish Finland would get one.
  • I'm playing my 10 hours sparingly and will maybe buy the game after christmas or if they release some sweet finnish special cards.
  • I like that there is more diversity in the available players and frankly at this point of the year I really don't care if they've "deserved" it somehow. It's a game and it shouldn't matter anymore.
  • At this point I just hope there would at least be promo packs where I could rinse my coins.
  • I'm just wondering when are those showdown SBCs coming? They were promised at the start of this promo, yet we haven't seen any.
  • If I had known about this, I would've offered you a surplus TOTY CR7 for a pack of mars-ice cream! Now he's gone sadly. Edit: spelling
  • I just don't care anymore to save any coins. Result: UT duplicate Diego Carlos and Kane. Well at least they went nicely towards Joao Felix whom I'll maybe use once or twice.
  • If what they've said is not definitive enough for you, you probably will never be convinced otherwise.
  • Yes I would. I like to use only active players and think this is a game so I don't quite get why should I be forced to use players who are not active anymore. If it was up to me, there would be no Icons in this game.
  • But why should it be that way? I don't want a game where I would have to use icons to have a competitive team when I don't like to use icons.
  • You can literally go play with a full icon team in basically any other game mode other than Ultimate team. When you bought FIFA 20, you didn't buy Ultimate team 20, you bought FIFA 20. UT is just one game mode.
  • It's naive to think it wouldn't cause any problems. It's basic economics of which laws apply in a market such a in FUT. Also top content is available for everyone. In FUT for those who are willing to grind for them and in other modes for anyone who decides to start the game.
  • Which will lead to inflation of prices and/or cards being extinct. My bottom line is, that in a game that runs similarly to FUT which has a strong trading element built into it, it's not possible to achieve a situation where everyone would have access to best cards with the game being rewarding at the same time.
  • Okay so this would lower the absolute price of the high end players that's true. The causal effect would be every card lowering in price, which would cause the exact same situation as now in terms of accessibility, only with lower numbers in the coin-column.
  • And what about those non-icon players that are just way too expensive for someones virtual currency wallet? How do you even that out in a way, that everyone would have access?
  • Now I agree with you in this specific example. How it differentiates from FIFA is that those players ARE available in the game. They just aren't available in one specific game mode, which is Ultimate Team.
  • I just think it as a trade for the fact that there is something to achieve in these games, even if that something is just a small upgrade to your team. The other extreme of would be to give everyone one of every card that exists and I'm pretty sure no one would want that. A middle ground where everyone would be happy just…
  • Could you explain please? What would be the right attitude here then may I ask? Also while it may not have any value that could be measured, it does have a value of entertainment, which is not measurable.
  • Then just keep playing Fifa 20. If you're not willing to do the necessary things (paying or trading) then don't complain. It's not like they should cater just for you.
  • This gives me hope it's focused on UCL and UEL. I like that! I always like more stuff that has that fantasy element linking it to irl-happenings.
  • Finland has Litmanen, but in my opinion Hyypiä would deserve one.
  • I just wish it has something to use in this years game too. Idea seems great, but I'm not getting next FIFA until spring at earliest if then.
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