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  • I've only played online FUT divisions and gameplay has been surprisingly consistent for me. Some laggy games here and there but it's mostly smooth and enjoyable. Resetting router when experiencing lag has helped. What I don't understand is that the speed of gameplay varies a lot. One game feels normal and relaxing, next…
  • I started playing Fifa again after taking a break for a while and now this formation/tactics is starting to come together like it should :) Having great fun playing nice football and creating chances. I hope I'm able to get promotion to div1 now, with 4231-2 I just kept holding div2. Previously I complained here that my…
  • I don't have the coins and haven't used him myself but I'd say Best because every time I face him he destroys me by himself. Can't touch him and he scores every opportunity. Players I've used I'd say SIF Arnautovic as striker.
  • I played him as a lone striker in 4231-2 formation. His runs were spot on but his finishing was maybe too inconsistent. He was also weak so it kind a limited my offensive options. Sold him and bought Kluivert.
  • Germany - Özil France - Koscielny England - Rooney Spain - Fernando Torres Argentina - Di Maria Italy - Buffon Netherlands - Sneijder Portugal - Bernardo Silva Uruguay - Cavani Brazil - David Luiz Croatia - Srna home contry... geeez.. Kape Hämäläinen?
  • Have you played Quantum Break? I absolutely loved the story, it was almost as good as Alan Wake. Sure it's not the usual cheesy emotionally engaging stuff critics love.. Your second paragraph is the joke here. Xbox is also better for shooters and RTS, and online gaming in general. UI, controller etc are subjective of…
  • Haven't used it myself but I always have a hard time playing against it. It's surprisingly difficult to break down unless the player using it is really bad at defending. Offensively it's effective and unpredictable.
  • I have no idea why but I don't seem to be able to use pace to my advantage. 75 pace or 95 pace wide player, they won't outrun fullbacks. So I tend to go with good passing, strength and dribbling.
  • Xbox One for Fifa 100%. I play in Europe and get laggy games rarely. Racing games you ask? Forza Horizon 3 and Motorsport 6, doesn't get any better than that. Shooters? Gears of War and Halo nuff said. You get EA Access and there's Xbox game pass service incoming, look it up. Story driven single player games? Well,…
  • What a great guide! It inspired me to try this formation again after using 4231-2 for ages, I really like idea of central midfielders occupying that number 10 spot and how good your build-up play looks in those clips. I play a passing game too so I thought this would work wonders for me. But unfortunately it didn't :/ I…
  • I just bought 89 rated blue Cavani. Going to try him as both CAM and striker in 4231-2 formation. He'll be playing behind Kluivert or with Litmanen at CAM position. I hope I can get the best out of him!
    in OMG Cavani Comment by Tuomo March 2017
  • Taking a break for couple of days and playing another game works for me. I might rotate some new players but I don't change my formation or tactics because I know they're fine. It's simply me playing badly, if I get annoyed I start to use too much sprint, chace the ball when defending, always trying to move the ball…
  • I get plenty of attacks a game with 4231 wide, just play patiently and don't force anything. High pressure isn't that hard to deal with unless your opponent is very good at cutting passing lanes and switching players. If you lose your composure, start rushing and playing their game then you're toast.
  • Heh nice, this game is funny sometimes. I also needed 1 point to keep div3 once, was 2-1 down and got a corner. My loan Reus got the ball, did some cool skill move to create space and then scored an awesome goal with his heel. All I did was press B once :) Felt sorry for my opponent though, he was better than me.
  • If having only one striker is 🎃🎃🎃🎃 you off, maybe try 4231 wide or narrow with attacking CAM. Build up patiently and sometimes it feels like you have two strikers imo. I'm in div2. Can't remember my custom tactics but just roll with balanced instructions and tweak them if you want your players to do something differently.…
  • Jari Litmanen, he's a superb CAM or CF.
  • I've been enjoying it alot since I adapted to changes they made with update. I usually play only a couple of matches so I can stay focused and calm and I've not experienced much bs moments this way. It's still not perfect though.
  • If Fifa is what you only play then it's definitely worth it. Xbox has plenty of players, never had any trouble finding games. If you want to play other games as well then it depends what kind of games you like. PS4 might have more exclusives for single player, but Xbox has a strong line-up of multiplayer games. I find…
  • Not sure if any of those is the best option for wide cam. But I'm playing Litmanen (maestro chem) as Cam in 4231 wide and he's fantastic. He's constantly looking to score and his passing is great.
  • If you like story-driven games then you're in for a treat! Outstanding game, had to play it twice myself. Tomb Raider is also good. @OP I'm not playing much Fifa at the moment, I can only stay relaxed for 1-3 matches and then I have to play something else. Gears of War 4 for online play and I'm currently playing Final…
  • This seems to be the formation for me, it's not necessarely the most effective but it surely is the most fun and creative to play. I'm currently playing Luis Hernándes as a striker and I'm thinking about switching him to Patrick Kluivert. Kluivert was one of my favourite players when I was a kid and his stats look solid.…
  • If Valencia is worth a shot. Doesn't he have a one star weak foot though? I've noticed players with two star weak foot tend to misplace passes more often so it's harded to keep quick passing play flowing. Shaqiri's balance makes up for his lack of strenght imo. For me he is usually able to fight off fullbacks at least.
  • Don't hold sprint and press aggressively all the time. I like it when my opponents do this and their players are dead by the 70th minute :)
  • But if posts in this forum are anything to go by, those 89 rated super teams should be easy to beat with lower rated team :wink:
  • Perin is very good, I've used him for a good while and he has saved my a** many times with his reflexes. Hart was ok too but too inconsistent. I wouldn't even consider Handanovic as I'm always scoring against him and I'm not even a good finisher :P
  • I rarely have any trouble playing against him and when I got him in gold upgrade pack and tried him myself, he was garbage. Used him for another gold upgrade sbc.
  • Yeah I play a patient passing game too and shield the ball. IF Srna is great when subbed to cdm spot late in the game. I haven't even tried many wide midfielders but I think good passing stats, some pace and dribbling are important as I don't expect them to score often. I'm using Shaqiri and he's solid, he has 4 star weak…
  • Team looks good I think. If you have trouble going forward then change either Matic or Kante to more offensive player. Kante does get forward and even scores goals for me for some strange reason but I usually shoot with him only when it's a clear chance. I'd suggest start by using default player instructions for all your…
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