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  • Sony refused a refund for digital because they said I’d downloaded it.
  • If no one complained nothing would ever get fixed. Just to remind everyone that you need to tweet #FixCareerMode #Fifa20 with some text such as Career mode is broken Please fix it!
  • From EA_Andy on EA answers Hey all, I just wanted to address some concerns that I've seen regarding this thread, and the issues in general. First up, the other thread wasn't deleted, it was caught by our spam filters for some reason which removed…
  • This guy has only been in charge of the department since June. I remember reading an article about him when he came on board where he shared his vision. That was years ago. Now he’s lead maybe things wi…
  • (Quote) Did you not notice the game breaking issues?
    in Disgrace Comment by Trux September 26
  • So, this Andy dude seems to be in no position to actually find out when and what will be fixed. All he’s said is to wait for the patch notes so he’s obviously not the person to talk to. He’s either not in touch with the dev team or he’s not getting …
  • Just don’t buy the game. It’s the only thing they will listen to. Whining on here has never worked. Just stop buying it. And never ever pre order. They’ve even got people paying extra for early access now. They’re laughing at all the idiots giving t…
  • (Quote) It’s good. You really need to get used to the gameplay. The attributes and team spirit really has an effect in this game. Some mistake this for input lag. It’s just a much slower paced and more realistic game of football. It takes a good 10 …
  • Career mode is dead. I didn’t buy FIFA this year. I’ve switched to PES like most other people for offline. The pitch notes are just a marketing tool to help sell the game. They’re not a way to engage with the community. It’s all just marketing guff.
  • (Quote) I don’t think this will be fixed until next gen. I think it could be a processor limitation with consoles due to the amount of leagues. We’ve already seen problems with menu lagging on this and last gen. I also think it’s why Konami limit th…
  • (Quote) I haven’t tried online as I have always predominantly been an offline player. Even in FIFA I was all about career mode. The thing is that it’s those old offline Master League saves that I still have fond memories of. Playing with the origin…
    in Don't buy Comment by Trux September 18
  • I’m not buying FIFA this year for the first time since 2009. The gameplay in PES is just amazing. So much more realistic than FIFA. PES feels like a simulation and FIFA feels like and arcade game. Not since PES 6 has a football game felt this good t…
    in Don't buy Comment by Trux September 18
  • Yeah 5 is correct, players still make runs and still follow tactical instructions but it helps reduce the end to end madness. Glad you’re liking them.
  • I use manual shooting, crosses and lobbed balls. Through balls on assisted and semi passing. Semi or manual passing is a must in order to help with the pace of the game. It’s far more rewarding when you score and you really have to pick your passes…
  • Gets rid of ping pong passing and is a nicer more realistic pace. Playing 10 min halves also gives time to think more about the tactical side of the game. Defenders on Fifa are pretty shocking when controlled by cpu (especially on your own team) so…
  • I just finished a night shift so a few games would have been good. But hey ho, will play it once its released.
  • Must not be officially out yet. May be its a Worldwide release? It's still Thursday for another 5 hours in some parts of the world.
  • Yeah. I bought my key from CD Keys. Entered it yesterday and the game is in my library but there is no play button. Also if I go to the store page it says "You already have Standard Edition. Head over to your game library to start playing"…
  • same cant play either
  • Most of what's written on these forums is absolute drivel. I think EA largely ignore the crap that gets posted. They may look at bug threads and the odd feedback thread but on the whole i think they ignore most of what's posted as the vast majority …
  • Is it profit? I know that's technically not club value but it could be what they mean?
    in Club value? Comment by Trux October 2016
  • Try Tele Broadcast camera (default). If you're not already using it.
  • That's right, yes. Yes I did.
  • I have an i5 6600k and run on ultra graphics without issue. My GPU is an Nvidia GTX 1060 6gb and I use the highest texture setting in the control panel.
  • (Quote) That's a huge contradiction. Of course it affects the attributes. On the one hand you say it's the user that controls the strength and direction of the pass and on the other you say it's the attributes deciding whether the pass is made or n…
  • Every team can be edited. If you think that they all play the same, why not go edit their team sheets manually and set custom tactics for each team yourself. Then choose 'Current customised ' instead of ' Downloading latest when starting a career.
    in Patch ASAP Comment by Trux October 2016
  • Yeah I play CM assisted and this is imo the best football game ever created. I would like to play manual but as attributes play a huge part of CM and it's a game breaker to play manual. A 40 rated passer is the same as an 80 rated passer if using fu…
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