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  • Pirlo and kaka will get god like retirement cards only for EA to give them 25 stamina. They are the biggest trolls on the planet. Plus they will require 5 icon, 3 Toty and 3 hero cards to complete because only rich billionaires play this game according to EA.
  • The try hards infesting this game is now unbearable. Played a guy in singles match that had Del Piero, Hernandez and Rui Costa upfront and he still bronze benched me, formation switched and ran around the back line with the guided missile known as Bakayoko whilst the AI defended. Can't they have a version of the game with…
  • Lol. Someone called pudgyfudgy with a picture of a cartoon cat wearing a backwards baseball cap is stalking another user on a computer game forum and giving him grief. Look out world this stud is putting the world to rights one stupid post at a time!
  • All I'm seeing in that pack is that git Bakayoko!! It's like he's stalking me. Im half expecting him to smash through my screen, chase me down, snap me in two then gallop off with his smug, stupid face. ........Oh, also congrats on all the other bullshite you got in that pack I suppose.
  • The battlefront 2 reddit had a very clear and focused opinion on what they didn't like in the game and that was a progress system that was so confusing and grindy that it almost forced a player to buy loot crates. What they did that was so effective in getting change was many fold. 1. Provide actual data from personal…
  • When I used to play a lot with my brother as a guest we never let ourselves go into halftime with a 2 goal lead. If we were 2-0 up we would just let the opposition score. We honestly believed the game would turn our players into brain dead zombies 2nd half to even things up. We thought it was just a crazy theory we had but…
  • He was someone who knew how to use the mechanics of the game to his advantage such as pressure, counter attacks, 1-2's, using Bakayoko as a headless chicken when on defence. It was div 3 season and he was good. Think i won 3-1 or 4-1. MLS defences get a bad rap as just pace but a sentinal on Opara and Shadow on hero Waston…
  • I was also interested in Larsson until I played against him as my MLS defence just dominated him. Waston and Opara just smashed him physically and he didn't have enough pace to be a threat in behind. He could not shoot either just to finish him off. I sent a message to the guy asking how Larsson played and he replied "He's…
  • I posted this in the Road to glory thread that opened but it quickly got lost in all the "I lost money" "KDB POTM 100%" remarks. It would have been a much more interesting promo if they had chosen really young fringe players such as Winks, Abraham or the Swiss kid Zakaria and then applied regular sizeable boosts like the…
  • Because they sell packs. It would have been a much more interesting promo if they had chosen really young fringe players such as Winks, Abraham or the Swiss kid Zakaria and then applied regular sizeable boosts like the scream cards. I can image there are lots of good young talented (silver) players around the world that…
  • Futhead have confirmed they are OTW cards basically. Such a cash grab.
  • EA have to be taking the p*ss if that's the players they are releasing. Rashford, Jesus, Bakayoko, Sane, Sachez(CM), Welbeck all included. Can they not do something at least a little creative or interesting instead of milking Premier League noobs of all their money?
  • playing with Ilsinho takes me back to a happier time of the Brasilver glory days of Azevedo and Ilsinho at fullback. Is it sensible to play with him in todays game? Probably not but I somehow feel at peace with the world with him in my team. A proper Icon of FIFA.
  • You would think so but EA have to put the numbers through the "will he sell packs" calculator before confirming.
  • IF Fellaini really is fun to use. You can literally dumbfound opponents who let the AI defend by receiving the ball in midfield, shield the ball and slowly moonwalk to the six yard box, lay it off and score!
  • Not feeling the new patch I take it. To be fair not even Barcelona could fire 13 no look 1-2 passes from their own box to the opposition goal within 3 seconds. It needed to be toned down a bit.
  • I got 4 games in with little lag and I have to say it's a big improvement. Opponents can't ping pong pass at a million miles an hour between 2 strikers so your defenders go loopy. Your defence is now more intelligent in the way in closes down and applies pressure and if you have a quality cb, it feels like a quality cb who…
  • Its Aggression you need to slide down to 1 not pressure. Aggression is where they stand on the pitch basically, so 1 is closer to your keeper and 100 is near the centre circle. Hope this helps.
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