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  • If you have OP team some cowards will quit right away. Happens to me once or twice each week..
  • I try usually to play always in my opponent halfs but against better players rigjht after I score goal I put 4231 for couple of minutes to avoid the madness after kick off .. Then once I get my bearings after 4-5 minutes I go on offense again
  • Ramos/Van Dike (toty) Klaiber is amazing as Cb if you have done him. Capita is good but he is a little slow at this stage. I even used Acuna he was amazing For best results you need 75 dribbling plus short passing above 80.. P.S RTTF Klosterman is best
  • You need a good and balanced team. Getting one OP player and the rest being crap can easily ruin you since you will want to overuse that certain player To answer OP question I was gold 1/elite 3 last year this year I have finished 28-2 29-1 30-0 with OP squad (very best before december). Now I went from 1400 skill to 2250…
  • I dont use pressure tactics but I have very OP players.. THe key to avoid is to wiggle around and rotate to avoid the rusher. The higher agility/dribbling/pace your guy is the easier to do so.. Thats why fullbacks are so op as CB cuz if you pressure Vidic for example Gomez or other no skill defender you can easily lose the…
  • Its great tactic with the correct players probably its most efficient tactic against park the buss merchant the LB and RB in front possition can help you create space and split his defense. ON top of it if he still refuses to engage having ur LB and RB infront makes it easy to pass it around untill he starts moving ou of…
  • Use the toks for packs during toty. Vidic is bad
  • Nothing moronic to self relegate for fut swaps. It takes you 20 minutes to drop 4 divisions then you can do all fut swaps in 2 hours
  • They have been ❤️❤️❤️❤️ latetly expect Thiago
  • I was actually stressing about this objective but I put Carrasco striker and he was amazing .. The awful part was when my memory did me a dirty trhinking Anaki is left footed. So I kept turning on his left and was screaming in frustration
  • Same here. Yesterday I had 50 games and its really stupid when u score a hat trick with some player in his 10th game and the commentator keeps saying what a debut
  • Ofcours . Those noobs also compain about rainbow flicking their defenders. Those are great tools to destroy park the buss noobs .. This year has been good to destroy park the bus . Easier then before. Fake shot stop/la croqueta /rainbow flick/bridge . I always chase with my defenders . Thats how you reach the next level .…
  • Acuna will be god among men if he gets upgraded :smile:
  • Give a loss when someone quits the minute you make 1:1 . Its ridicilous he scores first 40 minute expect you to quit you equalise next 10 minutes and he quits the game to screw you over? Atleast give friendlies player stats or somethhing to track
  • I mean thats my biggest problem? I dont want to quit so the minute I equalise he quits. I should get the win in friendlies if he chickens out of the game
  • I have been brindged probably 3 times in 700 games..
  • Hmm futbin u can check last yer.. I think he actually rose alittle around Toty. I mean i use rarely elastico . With Ronaldo I could have sold at 8.5 ml like 2 weeks ago. I dont think he will drop below 7 til June next year. Neymar will be great in Toty but he is Lw and perfect link with him. CR7 and Mbappe will be good but…
  • never g2 player will nevre become Elite 3 with great team G1 maybe but G2 is not that good of a player. He lacks basic fundamentals I have had god squad this fifa since week one. ( 35 mil tranfer profit ) . I went from G1-g1-g1-E3-E1-E2-Top-200 Same squad bassically since early october (R94 gullit- Neymar and same defense)…
  • I played absolute basic 442 (2) . Stay back on one cdm . Stay back LB rb and cover center .. In case I am using i go 4222 press after possesion loss
  • I have him since October. Considering I was Elite 3 last year and this I got Gullit and R94 and I finished top 200 in the world (xbox) last league. He is amazing . Obviously 5 WF 5 skills is great. Doesnt feel clunky . He is strong and clinical absolute deadly scoop turning and the rare elastico . I pair him with Neymar I…
  • I finished top 200 this week and best was 84 rated Al arabi.. Saving grace was 11 IFS walkout pack. Got Salah and Zaha
  • The problem is they release special cards to every other player.. As I said Aleksandrini , Bellerin now we have some silvers that are beasts. Soon Futmas future stars etcl..All those cards will have 90 pace 80-90 physical. Except the top top icons everything else turns to ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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