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  • Haha, EA. Well played. Brilliant game development. Now you have a fanbase of a million players spending their valuable game time in the interface trying to desperately buy one of these players. Please make rational decisions. This is absolutely ridiculously stupid game design.
  • Yikes, that is a tough one. Seems like they need better coders. It's their own engine. If they can't fix serious issues easily, I would look into getting better coders.
  • Same problem here. Extremely critical error. Hope they have been up all weekend to fix it.
  • It gets unfair on higher difficulty than professionel. I totally agree. The AI on world class and up is super annoying to play against. Playing like Barca in the good old tiki taka days. Only counterattacking works against them. Pathetically bad difficulty balance.
  • Squad Battles is a terrible mode. Super grindy, no feeling of meaningful progression, just a counter that you hope reach enough points for packs that are terrible unless you grind all week. Difficulty wise, I hate the fact that players obviously have their stats boosted when you increase difficulty. Bronze players hammers…
  • 1000mbit down / 200mbit up. Ping around 25-30ms ingame. In other games I get around 15ms, so clearly bad servers. No issues on the pitch though. Have been running perfectly the last many years, except for the occasional disconnect or crash.
  • Prime example of terrible game design. Of course it would be more meaningful to see the right kits as the opponnent has chosen.
  • Completely agree with you. Players have no patience today. No time to enjoy great goals. Everything is just skipped instead of the already (too) fast-paced gameplay. Immersion is lost this way.
  • I have to say that I am extremely disappointed with the fact that the core modes in UT only slightly change. Squad Battles is an extremely boring mode where you just grind your way to an ever increasingly top. Super tedious. The same goes for Rivals. I wish there was some kind of interesting division/tournament structure…
  • The whole idea of different versions of Icons is terrible and only serves one purpose - forcing players to grind throughout the season. I wish the Icon/legend system was more fluid and meaningful. Let's say that players throughout the season get 2 icons - not more, not less. The pick is free among all icons/legends and…
  • AI difficulty is absolutely garbage. I can't take it seriously that when you increase difficulty, the AI players' stats get boosted. Suddenly, bronze players hammers the ball in from impossible angles and run as fast as you 99 speed players. If EA can't make an AI that plays better football on higher difficulty instead of…
  • With the current chemistry system where it is so easy to max out even mediocre cards, it is waste of coins to spend on single players. Terribly balanced game design.
  • Turn on assisted headers in settings. Manual is a terribly executed mechanic.
  • Can only see and option to search for only single player opponnents.
  • Quick revival of this. Can anyone explain why co-op teams dont always get matched against other co-op teams? It is ridiculous when matched again single players. Doesn't make sense. Much more fun when it's fair and equal terms.
  • Taller does not mean slower. Top speed is a matter of raw muscle power and of course running technique and the composition of your muscles. Often you find more muscle power in taller athletes. Just look at Usain Bolt. Therefore, the potential for high top speed is higher by nature for tall players. Acceleration is a…
  • The (lack of) AI and any interesting league / tournament structure makes SB super boring. Therefore, the only reason we play them is for grinding rewards. Like in so many areas of FIFA 21, the focus is on rewards/progression rather than the game on the pitch. This needs to change, hopefully with a new engine next year.
  • From his perspective, he has some valid points. However, it is the whole economy that needs to be removed. Real money should only be used to buy customization items. And the auction system should be removed to avoid people getting elite teams by luck, investment, or controlling the market. This game should be played on the…
  • If the game's balance was perfectly designed, any legendary player would be a powerful tool if used to his full potential. However, FIFA has been terribly balanced for many years, and sadly it means that players who are not super agile and fast are not really useful. It is ridiculous that many huge legends of the game such…
  • I understand that it's enjoyable for some people, but it has nothing to do with real football and that is my main problem with this game. I want it to be as close to the real deal as possible. When a football game requires no football intelligence, I am not interested.
  • I just want the game to be less arcadish. I hate the fact that I am never stunned by any goals. It is so easy to score screamers, to spam insane tricks, to turn, dribble and do super fast passing to the point where it is no longer enjoyable to look at. Bring back realism and real intelligent football.
  • I would actually love to see a system that gives players playstyles rather than boring stats boost. Based on which playstyle you assign to a player, he would change his run patterns and way of behaving on the pitch. Would make cards more unique and interesting if this was not just something you set in the instructions…
  • Old thread, but had to react to this. Chemistry styles are much of what's wrong with FUT. The arcadish feel that makes it completely unrealistic is due to the fact that it is very easy to max out stats with the chemistry cards. Finishing is near perfect from even the most insane angles, making me not care when I score…
  • I will use Di Sciglio because of his link to Marcelo. Can't really find better defenders at the moment without wasting coins.
  • AI is terrible. Since early PS3 days, the problems with the AI have all been due to the fact that they challenge the player on lightning fast reflexes, not intelligent play. This year is worse than ever, since EA has decided that the AI runs around going all Ronaldinho with tricks every other second and constantly…
  • Lose 10% of your coins at relegation? Would that work?
  • Since when has this been going on? 3 weeks? 😊 Why would anyone relegate themselves this year? Last year it made sense due to challenges, but this year? If self relegation is still a thing, EA should really focus on building a new mode from scratch that makes it impossible to face someone that is not on your own level.
  • One of my friends play in division 3. He is nowhere on my level. I would beat him 8/10 times. So he is laughing now that I'm in division 4. 😂 But really, I don't understand this system and how he can be in division 3.
  • Hmm... Sounds very strange. Any idea why this would be happening for me? Haven't changed anything, no new players in my squad or change of formation/instructions. I think I played around 50 games in Rivals the last 3 weeks where I have lost around 90% of matches.
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