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  • You can't post your " supposed"amazing record on here. :D :/ I posted my record.. nearly 200 wins 12 losses.. least I back myself up. :D I can walk the walk.. your pants are on fire clearly... because you're nothing but the biggest liar on these Forums. You're a lost cause. Enjoy the L B)
  • Post your incredible record on here and I may respect you a little bit more lad.
  • When did I say I had 0 draws? :D I just counted my W and L. You're clearly a clueless clown. I post evidence, I don't lie. You're living in the past lad. Git Gud, come back when you're a Top100 player. I highly doubt your record is 278-23-2.. :D if so post evidence please. B) The FACT you had the audacity to call me a…
  • Git Gud. You're not even a Top100 player. B)
  • Of course you're Top 100. :D I'm on target to have a record of 200 wins 12 losses. Win percentage of 94%. Yeah that's very lousy that. You seem to forget i've come up against PSG lots of times and some players have records like 200 wins and 150 losses because they're not good at the game. You probably have a negative…
  • Why wouldn't you take FIFA seriously?!. Being competitive is a good thing.
  • Your logic: "You play as PSG so you're cheating" :D You're a clown lad. Git Gud.
  • Come back when you're GOOD ENOUGH get in the Top100 leaderboard. B) Git Gud.
  • Come back when you get in the Top100 leaderboard. B) Git Gud.
  • Come back when you get in the Top100 leaderboard. B) Git Gud.
  • HAHAHAH So because I use PSG it's a cheat team?. I've seen people in Division1 use PSG and they have SHOCKING records like negative. You can use the best team but be bad at FIFA.it's all about the player.
  • You're an absolute clown. Imagine moaning about PSG... You probably just lose against them every single time you come up against them. Git Gud.
  • I'm a Top100 player and I go PSG every game. i'm on target to have a record of 200 wins 12 losses which is respectable. Just because you play PSG doesn't mean you're not a good player or you just "Hold RT"every game. You still have to be good at the game and actually defend.
  • What's your record in Seasons?
  • I hated FIFA22 at the start, the game still has issues, the finishing inside the box is far too random but I changed my controller settings. My Analog sprint on FIFA has always been "OFF" it's advised to also but I recently changed it to "ON" which is the DEFAULT setting and the game feels much better for me I can…
  • I guess it can be annoying but not the end of the world? My main issue is matchmaking takes a year to find an opponent.. in Seasons.. i'm in Division1 and it takes far too long.
  • Liverpool are overpowered aswell. Just go a 3 or 4 star team and you won't match up against PSG. Problem solved.
  • Because finishing is inconsistent, at times goalkeepers make unreal saves which is unrewarding. I have no idea why E.A messed up the finishing, In FIFA21 finishing inside the box was very consistent. You can time your shots GREEN and you still won't score in 22 the game has no logic at times.
  • FIFA22 gameplay is shambolic. the shooting system is stupid keepers make spiderman saves. FIFA21 1v1 finishing was rewarding. FIFA22 in general is delayed and clunky... but not surprised put nothing past E.A
  • You're pleasantly surprised by the gameplay lol?.. :s FIFA22 gameplay is so bad honestly.. the finishing inside the box is still far too random, keepers make spiderman saves when it should be a goal you're not rewarded. Say what you want about 21 but it was a far better game overall than 22 and general 1v1 finishing was…
  • You clearly haven't played enough then if you haven't seen finesse shots being overpowered lol. There is a patch coming anyway so the game will change we can judge it after. Yes dribbling is horrendous. 1V1'S are nowhere near as good as 21, in 21 1v1 finishing was much better.
  • How? Lol.. it's easier to score a finesse shot outside the box than score a 1v1 inside the box. The dribbling (left stick dribbling) is much worse than Fifa21. Ai auto blocks inside the box happen way more. 21 was a much better FIFA and much more skilled. Fifa22 is horrendous.
  • I don't think 21 is bad.. I think the game is slightly above average. Shooting inside the box is pretty consistent.. it could be better but generally 1v1's go in, chip shots are rewarding also. Skill moves are a way to break the stupidly strong AI Defending. FIFA21 at the start Defending was much less assisted but E.A…
  • FIFA needs to be fast, fun and responsive. Skill moves to get past defenders should be part of the game, FIFA is never going to replicate real life. the best FIFA'S were arcady just like FIFA15 AND FIFA16. FIFA21 is not good by any means but it's much better than FIFA20 AND FIFA19 which were shambolic. See you in FIFA22.
  • You want E.A to improve defensive AI?.. in FIFA21 defending overall is still more overpowered than attacking. Have you seen the amount of AI auto blocks and clearances that occur in a game? If not then you clearly haven't played enough. If you're talking about "defensive positioning" then yes that can be improved but we…
  • We haven't had a GOOD FIFA since FIFA15 OR FIFA16, people moaned the games were "arcady" and you could skill past 4-5 players but the game had a legitimate huge skill-gap, no AI Defending bailing out the poorer players! now there's too many Auto blocks and AI assistance in Defending.. E.A don't want a big skillgap sadly.
  • The worst? You clearly didn't play FIFA19 Then. Worst FIFA ever, it was easier to score a timed shot from outside the box than a 1v1 inside vs the keeper.
  • You should care more about the gameplay than worrying about in game faces or boots etc.
  • We don't need anymore Defensive AI. E.A buffed AI Defending in FIFA21 as soon as people moaned... you can still skill past players as skill moves are very effective but Auto blocks and defending in general is still way too strong. I don't mind FIFA21 overall though it's probably average for me but it's still miles better…

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