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  • I forgot to mention that the attackers' "go sideways" feature works, I needed to use depth.
  • I did new tests and, in my view, the defense is even better with 4 bars, the breadth, it protects well and the movement of the attack is better. Good matches.
  • I just put it on and discover these things because I don't play and I don't even buy cards. There is only one athlete, for me. I like real game and not teen. And that the best team wins and not the strongest team. I play hard with any team. When I d…
  • And, I was forgetting, one of the most important changes: the defensive balance, since the game is programmed to be a fixed block behind and centralized, what changes is the spacing between the athletes, in this case, amplitude. With the defensive s…
  • I try to contribute even in another language, but always with relevant comments in more than 20 years of experience in virtual football and its tactics
  • I hereby request that in the fifa 20, maintain the custom tactics in the format of 18, that is, with the bars in the same options and from 0 to 50, it is enough, since this allows us to have multiple variations in the team, generating much more crea…
  • It's simple. We have to put the team the way we want, using only the custom tactics. Individual instructions are mere details that depend on custom tactics. For example, if we put the finishes in excess of the crosses, the tendency is for the team t…
  • Guys, I realized that fifa fifteen might look like reality, yes. Take the following test: place the lineup in 451 with the attacker to stay in the center, the midfielders open to stay ahead and the midfielders to stay, with the defenders to side to …
  • This is a football tactical real: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4nmvwtw-P0&index=3&list=PLpho7iX_QCwKOp0iUdFwQP2arvFRa0ChF
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