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  • @Overandover hasn’t appeared since we found out he works at Currys pretending the Tele section is his bedroom. He’s on a register that stops him leaving the country @EA_Rtas heard you’re a bam?
  • I love @EA_Rtas
  • You’re not entitled to an honest opinion on here so wouldn’t surprise me 😂
  • Is this Edinburgh derby best ending a draw? Either gaffer wins and will earn that extra time to save the job.
  • Fan of that patter.
  • Ronny Delia would be a cracking appointment for any SPFL team. Took some amount of unwarranted abuse at times. Plays decent football and look at the players he brought through for Celtic. The Ronny Roar back in Scotland would be welcomed. Just not at hearts please. Love Levein.
  • The big Israeli has been solid since he come in. Unheard of but been impressed. Frustrating game
  • Morgan and Johnston over Sinclair Bayo over Griffiths Neil Lennon needs to wisen up. That was a horrific performance. Could’ve fell asleep all game
  • Celtic switching off a few times and could’ve conceded. This could be a disaster if we don’t kill this off.
  • I’ll no lie that hurt my heed trying to read that but since you took the time to explain it I gave myself no option but to try understanding it. Is the fact the fans of Caley thought cause they had the belief they could do it themselves then they had the upper hand or just simply both fans from both sides just disappeared…
  • ICT are a merged club? Surely a good thing if their now a club competing in the championship and had runs in the SPFL and Cup finals. What did they achieve before hand?
  • Coin wise I think prices on 20 will blow even higher. People paying for trading methods and the traders are selling out enough slots to give up the day job. FUT is life.
  • regardless of anyone’s thoughts on fp. It makes 100% sense to open packs. You get players with loyalty to complete the sbcs at the start. Everything sells even kits badges etc the coins you’ll get in return for even a score is worth it. Complete the sbcs at the start gives you over 200k worth of packs also. Some of my…
  • Very true. It’s not they actual skill move itself for me it’s the fact it turns your players off during it but on the beta you could interrupt the move and la croquetas are dead this year. Player doesn’t stay anywhere near as in control. Need plenty space to just do 1
  • Gameplay for me wasn’t the worst. What killed it was the obvious spins to run for opponents and the clear interference. Remove that and you’ve a cracking game. I enjoyed the gameplay when your allowed to play the style you like. Instead WL your forced to exploit the weakness of the game and score ridiculous goals. First…
  • That Si Ferry podcast explains the Scotland situation perfectly. As much as they love a wind up. Si Ferry actually makes cracking points. Especially regarding that Mctominany character. Could listen to them all day.
  • I’m glad that it feels much like the same. The way Fifa is played isn’t the issue. It’s the small issues. It’s like a new build house. Always have a snag list. They seem to ignore the basics. Balls going through players. Defenders blocking all in sight, Players stepping over the ball to allow opponents through. Settle that…
  • Only baby and middle apparently available at the start of the game
  • Won’t lie mate. Having you add me was best thing going. All my pals etc think I’m mental then I compare my stats to yours and realise we’re both owned by EA. Disappointed top cards aren’t involved at start of game with icons but cannot wait for the grind to begin. Do we get on the 19th or 24th?
  • Who you wanting? Must be some new ones you love. Minis King Kenny. His prime card stats are beautiful btw. 5* WF 4* SM.
  • He plays for the love of the game. At AC Milan he was at the perfect club, Soon as he left he joined a club famed for greed and power. Should’ve stayed in Italy where he was the cutest of all with the ball at his feet. Phenomenal player.
  • 4 cards appeared with one blank. Rumour is they won’t be +1 in stats this time. Kaka expected to upped to 93/94. Won’t get them until next year though so I can’t understand the logic. Expensive enough without EA wanting 15m for a card
  • His composure best be 96 minimum. Murdered his shooting for some reason but if they compensate with composure. All should be well
  • One of my all time favourite players. Hasn’t had a useable card for too long. Even the EOE card towards last year was terrible stamina. 92 rated and lasted 20 minutes in game. So now that it’s 91 and useable I’m loving it mate. Cannot wait to get my hands on that card
  • She knows if she ever tried getting me off Fifa she would be deported back to her mothers 😂
  • I’m allowed network cards until I get Kaka. After that I’ve signed an agreement made up by the other half. Bank cards etc all still wiped off. Nowhere does it state in her contract though that I must make Kaka my first icon 😂
  • What’s with the current fashion trend of everyone claiming not to buy it? It’ll get bought. Stop lying to yourselves
  • The buzz has began. Kaka card is my first aim. Then Dalglish after that. I’m open to offers. Will I spend money on fp.. better believe I will. Take Ma Money.
  • Pre ordered Fifa while back. Got EA Access. Said you get on the 19th. My download countdown is saying 22nd to download 24th to play? I’ll be far from impressed if I’m not on 5 days before the rest 😂
  • Bristol Rovers playing against ten men and drawing cost me 450 quid. Greetin.

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