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  • Can anyone actually find evidence anywhere in the news articles that they won’t be licensed from July 24?
  • Get in there Forest! City Ground in FIFA 23 and a team with lots of new scans! Happy days!
  • If I were betting I think I’d bet on Coventry, Blackpool or Preston to be the first of those 11 to get into the premier league. I do think Luton, Blackburn, Millwall and Bristol City have a chance too next season.
  • If Forest go up and Sunderland go up, they’ll actually be more real stadiums in the Championship than fake. Only would leave Coventry, Luton, Millwall, Preston, Blackpool, Blackburn, Bristol City, Wigan, Reading, Birmingham and Rotherham left.
  • Well that was a nervous experience. Hope Forest can pull it off in the final but think it could either way. I think Forest are better than Huddersfield but it depends what team turns up, as Huddersfield seem to be more consistent.
  • I thought the same. I’d expect Bochum not to be included personally. Only hope might be Bayern for EA 24? Or finally Italian or French full treatment being included then?
  • Hopefully we get Nottingham Forest or Luton Town in England, Elche and Osasuna in Spain, Bochum, Greuther Furth and Freiburg in Germany, Juventus, Fiorentina and Bologna at least in Italy, Rennes, Lille and Monaco at least in France, PSV in the Netherlands and Dynamo Kyiv in Ukraine. It would be fab if they could get all…
  • Ibrox and Celtic Park would be fab, especially for UCL too
  • I believe Barcelona’s contract ends in 2024 from my memory. I think they signed an extension during covid sometime. So hoping Bayern and Juventus comeback though. Would make UCL much better. Would mean there is only one fake Italian club in it next year as Napoli will be Naples or something like that. Looking at UEFA…
  • With the announcement about AC Milan and the confirmation that EA won’t lose the right to show the AC Milan kit, name and stadium, do we think this therefore confirms that the Serie A licensing agreement includes stadiums? I haven’t seen this confirmed anywhere but I cannot see how else EA can confirm the stadium will…
  • Forest, Luton, Blackburn and Millwall I think are the ones that have the best shot of the non stadium/ non scanned teams in Championship. I’d love to see EA have to scan Kenilworth Road, such a mismatched random brilliantly old fashioned stadium (anyone who can who hasn’t been should go before Luton move). The City Ground,…
  • Russian, Greek, Ukrainian, Czech, Egyptian, Uruguayan, Colombian and South African premier leagues. Italian, Russian, Scottish, Belgian, Dutch, Turkish and Portuguese second tiers. French and Spanish third tiers. English fifth tier. Red Star Belgrade, Partizan Belgrade, Ludogorets Razgrad, CSKA Sofia, Maccabi Tel Aviv,…
  • With Efootball launch debacle, I am hoping Bayern, Juventus and the Russian Premier League, who I believe contracts expire this year with Konami, will all come back to FIFA and we will get a few more stadiums already scanned back in the game.
  • Zenit, Osasuna, Elche, Greuther Furth, Freiburg, Bochum, Juventus and Bayern should all be in the list too in my opinion
  • Top 10 missing European clubs in FIFA (excluding license issues with Italians)? 1. Zenit St Petersburg 2. Crvena Zvezda 3. Ludogorets Razgrad 4. Maccabi Tel Aviv 5. Partizan Belgrade 6. CSKA Sofia 7. Slovan Bratislava 8. Rubin Kazan 9. Krasnodar 10. Qarabag
  • Russia is up for grabs next year. Come on EA, put an offer in that the RPL cannot refuse
  • They organised petitions for people to sign their name to to send to EA. Think they did it for 1 or 2 seasons around the time of FIFA 19 and 20.
  • Most likely thing I can think of is that the National League have the image rights or something like that and they don’t like that Wrexham have joined on their own, when the league has campaigned to be in the game for a number of years. I wonder if we will get any comments from Wrexham
  • I would imagine this was because Serie A only formed a media company in September 20, which may have potentially been after Atalanta and Lazio had signed deals with Konami. It also may explain why Konami announced the licenses ages ago
  • It was all about the leagues they added or didn’t add. Although they added clubs, the only leagues added was Cypriot, Hungarian, English 5th and Colombian. That’s why I was always skeptics of Crvena Zvezda, CSKA Sofia etc. In the future for leagues not represented at all we need to be on look out for not only clubs being…
  • I think we’re going to see APOEL and probably Omonoia today. Still not sure about Crvena Zvezda and CSKA Sofia that were both spotted in the database, as their leagues were never added to the database unlike Hungary and Cyprus’s.
  • Another one today… Ferencvaros have been announced. First Hungarian team in FIFA for at least a very long time. Also means we are down to 4 missing teams in UCL and UEL (Zenit and Sheriff in UCL and Crvena Zvezda and Ludogrets in UEL).
  • Hajduk Split have announced they are in the game. I would expect to see a few more announcements over the next few hours and days.
  • Agreed, the Russian league is ripe for treatment if EA wanted to do so. 8 of 16 in RPL (plus national stadium stadium as well) had stadiums in World Cup so EA have already scanned a lot of the stadiums.
  • Vietnam GP was announced in November 2018 for racing on 5th April 2020. The game came out in July 2020. Therefore they had 18 months to the race and 20 months to the game came out. Saudi was announced on 10th November 2020, to race at on 28th November 2021. Again game came out in July 21. They had 12 months to the race but…
  • When all the clubs were added including Polish 5th tier, the only league codes that were added to the game was Colombian, Cypriot, Hungarian and English 5th tier. This suggests to me that these leagues are more likely to have at least one club in FIFA 22. These league codes exist for ROTW teams though so it could be just…
  • The only thing I can think of is have EA decided not to release all of the stadiums this year for fear of not having so much to release next year (I know I’m clutching at straws). In England I think there is a good chance we will see no new stadiums in FIFA 23 if you look at the favourites to go up into the Premier League.…
  • Cadiz too is coming on launch. Brentford in January again. No Osasuna, no Elche, no Freiburg. Pretty miserable announcement that.
  • Arminia Bielefeld is the next one confirmed 👍
  • No worries, I forgot to mention there were rumours of Serie B coming back too. Yeah, I think you’re correct regarding conference league. I think we’re very likely to get Ferencvaros of Hungary, APOEL and Omonia of Cyprus and Wrexham of National League and everything else is debatable to varying degrees.
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