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  • I know it's an American thing. And I'm not saying the PL needs a playoff, I'm just saying that's why I have been losing interest. By December if you know your team can't win the title, what's the motivation to keep getting excited about games? That's where I have struggled. I do think all leagues need a salary cap. But we…
  • Reading it now, very good stuff!
  • Lack of a playoff at the end of the season. I love the playoffs, a knockout tournament between the leagues best teams is exciting. Like in the NFL or MLB.
  • Honestly have not watched a PL game since before the WC. I've been losing more and more interest the past 1.5 years with how the money is changing things and the lack of a playoff is starting to get to me. Maybe it's the American in me but without a salary cap or a playoff, it just seems unbalanced and predictable. I'm…
  • Nice to see I can check back into this forum after months and it's the same conversations happening.
  • Yup. Said it before, shootouts he’s awful. In a one off he’s ok.
  • France needs to win this in ET, with how bad Lloris is at penalties and how good Martinez is, Argentina will win a shootout.
  • Messi casually gets his pocket picked which leads to the goal.
  • This WC is my first time really watching him. Not impressed at all. After the transfer hype the past few windows, I thought he was a lot better then what he has shown this month.
  • penalty or not, France have shown nothing. They do not even look like they are trying today.
  • Feel sorry for his ACLs
  • So haters are not in the mud. Argentina still benefited from the wrong call.
  • If he misses the final that is devastating. A WC final is the dream for most players and to be out sick has to be heartbreaking.
  • Really? I can't wait for the 26th. I am getting more excited knowing the WC is done soon and we can get back to the season.
  • I’m not talking about Mbappe
  • I think France win it. They have the experience, the best player and a more balanced team.
  • Good thing this conversation is about the trophies in England then. I’m sure other countries don’t care as much about the PL or FA cup trophies either. Face it, nobody cares about the club World Cup. Broadcasters barely even cover it.
  • I think this World Cup has made Messi look worse in terms of attitude. He acts like such a spoiled brat and the Netherlands match was pathetic. If that was Ronaldo the media would have killed him for it.
  • Completely disagree. Unless your team is in it, nobody is watching the club World Cup. It’s a headache for scheduling and meaningless. Nobody wants to watch European teams playing nobodies. Only twice since 2006 was the winner not the CL winner.
  • What could be mentally bothering him? Hasn’t he been sitting home for a month?
  • What trophy is that? Some people, like myself see the PL bigger than the CL but others see the CL as the top trophy. I’d say there are three serious trophies for England (PL, FA, CL) the EL, LC, ECL do not matter no matter how hard people try to make them. I would prefer Liverpool fall apart instead of get better. If City…
  • Lloris for France is very good. He was the main reason France beat you guys.
  • Spurs have been linked with Pickford as a Lloris replacement for the last few years.
  • Poch - Would only do it if no big club offers him a job. I personally think he’s waiting for Conte to walk. Howe/Potter - Would have to be sacked soon if they were taking over England next. I can’t see that happening. Tuchel - Would be a good choice but probably wouldn’t be any more exciting then Southgate.…
  • There are two rounds of games left and he has shown he’s not good enough for these big matches. Don’t blame the players for the ref being awful. Last thing anyone wants is a final that is determined by the ref. Wilton should be sent home too after his showing in the Eng/Fra game.
  • Hard to blame Southgate. You guys looked much better than France in most areas yesterday. Not Southgate's fault that Foden didn't show up in the first half, Maguire missed a great chance, Kane missed a penalty, Saka missed a chance, or that Henderson was the most creative midfielder. These are the same players that looked…
  • I agree. Argentina have been lucky at times but also embarrassed themselves after the last match with their complaining and diving. France did not look great against England but you can say that is the sign of a world champion, just finding ways to win when not looking their best. The fact the ref really helped them was…
  • It will take a couple of windows but if teams stop bidding so much on players, the prices will eventually start coming down.
  • Not to mention the fact that Grealish has not lived up to the price tag So clubs will be learning from that.

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