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  • Done like 5 or 6 of these, got Ziyech, Orsic, Teixeira, Kimmich to show for it. I'll do MM on Thursday and spend Thursday night cleaning my entire club on these, don't really play the game anymore but if all else fails I'll have loads of 90+ if they…
  • Packed Mbappe last week, plus generally don't really play the game anymore so I've 60 somethin packs to open tomorrow then I'll burn as many Icon packs as I can before waiting for October and 21.
  • (Quote) "OK that's great if you're looking to make profit but I'm looking to complete this for free or as little as possible" That's such a hypocritical statement haha if you know what you're doing, know the market, list what sells, rins…
  • 4x4 Finisher: 3/3 Premier League Pulse: 8/8 Thread the Needle: 2/2 Magic from Maia: 2/2 Playing for Portugal: 10/10 Bruno Blast: 2/2 Winning Pass: 3/3 Fabulous Fernandes: 8/8 Finally finished him and Mendy simultaneously tonight, so chuffed.…
  • The SBC kinda makes a mockery of this though? As a concept I love it, it's what we've largely been clammering for all year. But it's just gonna be riddled with people feeding the SBC card time and time again 😴😴
  • Probably sometime in November knowing EA. But in all seriousness early next week I presume.
    in Diaby upgrade Comment by Stav93 June 27
  • (Image) Scoring loads. Conceding loads too.
  • Rival 5: 5/5 4x4 Finisher: 3/3 Premier League Pulse: 6/8 Thread the Needle: 0/2 Magic from Maia: 0/2 Playing for Portugal: 0/10 Bruno Blast: 0/2 Winning Pass: 0/3 Fabulous Fernandes: 0/8 All in Division 4, had planned to rubber band the R3 …
  • 14-6 and stopping to see if G3 rewards are worth a damn, and cause I really can't be bothered playing anymore.
  • (Quote) Skeptical about that. There was definitely more to that. I've been giving away wins since September and nothings happened.
  • Ansu Fati. Used him on my 2nd account for a bit, and enjoyed him, never did his SBC on my main account, so happy enough. A super sub if nothing else.
  • Frustrating. I got him too chucked him in for this WL. Sometimes he runs the show, sometimes he goes missing.
  • (Quote) Again fella, you are bang average yourself. People in glass houses and all that.
  • (Quote) This would be a valid point in March. Its June. We've just had 2 months of TOTS. If you don't have an amazing end game team at this point. You've done something wrong.
  • WL is weird this week. I'm either playing someone who's Elite 2/1 and a lot better than me, or I'm playing someone who realistically struggles to get G2/3 and I'm caning them 4 or 5 within the first 25 minutes. Very few genuinely close games.
  • (Quote) People who make up the online community be it these forums, twitch, twitter, whatever, are about 15% of the people who play this game you moron 🤣 As others have said, thousands see 83 from Real Madrid, and pick him cause they've no idea wh…
  • (Quote) You're presuming that on what basis exactly? I've never played a single game with Ryan Kent, so I have no idea how he'd suit me, whereas I've scored over 300 goals with 87 Jovic, so my vote was based on that lol.
  • (Quote) You literally slated people for being bad at the game and you're very much average yourself. That's amazing. Think before you rage create a post bro. 😅
  • (Quote) Take the L champ.
  • Yet again. Another post on a forum, for a video game, crying because they didn't get the card they wanted, slabbering at the community, presumptiously calling them bad at the game, yet labelling them as toxic. This is either a troll. Or you're a ve…
  • (Quote) Or, just maybe, the online community amount to zip of the total Fifa community and most people just voted for the guy they know/highest rated? EA ain't daft, they know Kent fits the meta more and would make more money off him so to speak, t…
  • With time yeah cause his 87 was an animal for me for a month or so, but I'm certainly in no rush.
  • During rewards they'll drop, but probably not too drastically outside of that. Icon will keep them high.
  • 6-3. Haven't had the rub of the green and I'm pretty sure I'm 0-873 in 50/50 tackles lol. Kaka, Ney and Di Maria are the sole survivors of the team that started. People seem happier to actually try and attack though so that's a positive. Will do ano…
  • I'll play it, or start it at least. If it's still full of sweat fests I'll grind to 17 and this will be my last, unless rewards are amazing on Thursday but they absolutely won't be.
  • (Quote) This. Wins and losses are irrelevant. Could, if I wanted, put the Dualshock down and go do something else, but likely won't unless I'm playing an obvious relegator/twerp.

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