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  • (Quote) Agreed! But in this case it's like a traveling janitor posting on twitter how a particular type of mop is broken and only works as advertised some of the time and depending on who is using the mop (and the CEO of the mop company sucks!), a…
  • I've had a kit stuck on my transfer list as won for months. Contacting support was no help. This is not exactly HL Varane or 1M coins (ouch!), but it's annoying nevertheless and I'd bet it could be fixed for everyone by an intern with a couple lin…
  • The ban from tournament competition I understand. EA could have taken the high road there and spun the toxicity into WWF-style PR or worked out some guidelines with Kurt through mediation, but hey it's their show. And let's be real it's not about …
  • (Quote) No laughing matter, good sir. I can accept laggy, glitchy gameplay from time to time, but don't mess with my packs /s
  • Hi Andy, Earlier today I opened a bunch of Premium Gold Packs (150FP) and the pack animation was bugged. These displayed as a silver pack. Of course, I should have stopped there, but I figured OTW pack, different animation? Then the servers went…
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