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  • Seems like the firing makes sense if you only look at the short term, although he shouldn't have been hired in the first case then. At least the new manager can set the team up with a lot of time remaining in the season. It is a shame for De Boer t…
  • (Quote) There is a chance, but those rumours have been there since he went to Turkey. We don't really need him as well, but he could be a good substitute if he is even willing to take that role. Wish he would do better.
  • Machester City, Napoli and Shakhtar Donetsk in the CL. Chances are even lower than I would have expected to get into 3rd.
  • (Quote) First part is good to hear, and for the second part I have heard of the passion of the fans in Turkey haha. I will be there in September, gotta check out Van Persie at least when I am there (although I heard he sucks).
  • Any hope you guys get better haha? Visiting Istanbul soon and was hoping to see a Fener game.
  • First time since 1966 that Ajax hasn't qualified for EU (they also got banned for a year in the EU somewhere, but they did 'qualify'). What a turn around this summer.
    in AFC Ajax Comment by Snake August 2017
  • (Quote) My personal experience with refurbished products hasn't been great, but it depends a lot on the seller and the specific product. Luckily warranty in the Netherlands gave me the right to get my money back/free repairs. Not sure how it is cov…
  • (Quote) No idea who you are interested in but I assume they are already gone. :# Kongolo and Karsdorp were both toppers.
  • (Quote) For that price the laptop seems a steal given you do not really care about the bad reputation Acer got (their laptops die pretty fast) and the laptop seems pretty heavy. Especially with refurbished products I would be careful to check if …
  • (Quote) I have seen Dutch rappers doing the same, think it is just to emphasize the name on it more. Vilhena put ''I love you mom'' on the front as he lost her earlier this season.
  • (Quote) Kuyt. It's destiny. :)
  • (Quote) I think most of these reviewers have gotten the album earlier than us, so they could drop the review close after the release. Have been listening to the Kendrick album on repeat since the release, hasn't even tired me yet on day 2.
  • Really love how artists contribute to Genius as well. Eminem's are hilarious.
  • Thank you, the song is hard haha. Always a great feeling to find a song from your favourite artist you haven't heard before. Shame it isn't on Spotify.
  • Desiigner s/o for best voice. Anyone got a good quality recording of that Kendrick video? Never heard that one before.
  • (Quote) Seen it as well, it is pretty much the same as Top Gear. I actually thought they would only do specials with their budget, but this has been decent as well. Does seem like they improve with each episode.
  • I wonder if Football Manager will add Trump policies like they did with Brexit. Make it harder for Mexicans/Muslims to join the MLS etc.
  • For your viewing pleasure @stickey
  • (Quote) It is a new feature in FIFA. Maybe your sprint button is a bit broken? There is a setting in the menus which changes the function of the RT/R2. Think the standard is that you have to fully press the trigger to get to full speed/ half press…
  • Added. We got quite a decent roster at the moment (9), but willing to add more to the club for a bigger availability of playing time. Especially because a few of us have been busy.
  • Added @AhmedOzil and @WooldogOP on Origin. I also sometimes forget to invite you to the club if it takes a while for the origin request to go through, just message me then!

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