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  • Van der Sar is one of the worst keepers Ive used this Fifa for some reason. Actuall replaced him for one weekend with a non rare gold with s*** stats and it was a huge improvement. Only keeper Ive stayed with this year is Trapp, all versions have been solid for me.
  • I should have listened, played some game in fut champs to try new players because I was feeling on fire... Won my first 3 games and was winning the 4th when I get disconnected and now I can't even get back in to the game.
  • Pretty much exactly 30 every game.
  • Since everyone leaves they wont get any wins so don't even think that is the reason.
  • This is the most toxic gamemode I've ever played... Started of nice with 2 games against other players doing golden goal and using only keepers but then it went straight to ****. Everyone uses outfield players and just does everything to destroy for those doing the objectives. Imagine wasting your time playing matches that…
  • I must be doing the wrong SBC, thought it was 82-83 overall based on my packs tonight...
  • As long as your players are fast and agile it doesnt really make a difference if they have god stats or not. I get gold 1 with my 15 mil team and I tried playing with the free Eredivisie objective players and still finished the same. In fact it was easier getting wins with that team and the players felt more responsive so…
  • I did him only because I'm a United fan. Tried to play a couple of games with him and he is complete garbage and was actually a lot worse worse than my red 78 Jordan Larsson who I used for the first part of weekend league. Would say he's worth like 20k max based on performance. His shooting is good if you can get into…
  • Terrible like it's been the last weekends, not even gonna bother going past gold 3. Last year I finished elite occasionally but seems impossible to get past 22 wins this fifa, the gameplay lately isn't helping either. Would probably struggle to even reach gold 1 as it is now.
  • I don't think Im that good, definitely not an elite player. But you have a point, I hardly ever face players a lot better than me which Im guessing you would if youre in div 6. Even against elite players I have a decent chance if it's golden goal.
  • That doesn't sound anything like my experience of friendlies. I've been in div 1 for a long time but I almost never come up against good players in friendlies. First 5-6 games of every objective seems like playing against div 5 players but after that I normally get harder games so I would have thought the matchmaking is…
  • I must have missed something, why would people relegate now that all objectives are in friendlies?
  • I am a pack addict so have lots of untradeable special players in all my teams and actually had to remove some of my special players since my opponents left at kick off all the time. My teams isnt even great but people seem to prefer to play the normal Mbappe and Neymar instead of some more unusual and way worse special…
  • This is probably the most annoying thing this year for me and there's lots of annoying things in this game... In friendlies I just quit but its worse in fut champs since I know my opponent only does it to get an advantage and that makes me wanna try even harder to beat him.
  • Probably lucky with matchmaking but won 10 out of 11 and left after 15 mins in the loss.
  • I dont mind the winning requirements since I enjoy trying to get the best out of these cards I would never use otherwise. What really annoys me is the 5 more games you have to complete for no reason after the wins.. Tried playing them for fun but since most opponents need to win at all costs its no enjoyment having nothing…
  • I see, thanks. They always mess up the Swedish translation so it makes no sense and its very confusing.
  • Same here, keep getting kicked from EA server but keep the connection so I can log in immediately. Resetting MAC normally works but you shouldnt have to do that every time you wanna play Fifa.
  • Normally I agree and it annoys me having to wait both at that screen and during the intro video to the match. But recently Ive been searching for 5-10 minuters to find a game so I have to do something else while searching. Played WL this saturday afternoon when there should be lots of people playing and got the "could not…
  • I play my LB as LM in 352 so Mendy is much better suited for that role. As a defending LB I would probably prefer Reguilon as well, really like his card. You also get free Mendy cards to put into sbcs. That 89 card is going to be great for chemistry if they release an high rated sbc.
  • I feel like anyone who is fast and good on the ball works well on the wide positions in 352. Right now I have Mendy LM and Mahrez RM and even if Mahrez wr are really bad for that position it works. Used Tottsf Mane LM before Mendy. I like to use the wide men in attack and in defence they just have to be fast so attacking…
  • My Telles was also a non rare gold animation. Posted a picture of it above.
  • Didnt even get a board 😂
  • Only have two 99 players but these untradeable packs always seems to give out dupes.
  • If its tradeable I would do it even if crazy expensive. Untradeable I wouldnt bother since I would probably just get a dupe and have to send him in another sbc.
  • Easily Diego Carlos. Only tradeable player in my team and he's so good that I just cant get rid of him. Been thinking about changing to tots Ramos for max chem but I feel like Carlos on 8 chem is probably better since I have VVD who likes to move forward a lot.
  • TOTSSF Oblak is probably my favourite keeper, so reliable and can also make som crazy saves. Also really like Ter Stegen and Alisson. To be fair I found most keepers decent. Only DDG and Szczesny whos been really bad for me. Not a big fan of Handanovic either but guess hes acceptable.
  • Im a United fan and really like DDG but his futmas card has to be the worst high rated keeper in the game. Didnt even save the easiest shots for me.
  • Got him red and since I got my third and fourth duplicate Oblak for this week as the other options it was a an easy choice. Cant have any more Oblaks in quick sell recovery now.
  • Rio and Zambrotta have been very useful. Packed prime Matthaus in the pack who I still use. Litmanen and Laudrup I use for nordic teams with fun players. Only swap I dont have any use for is Okocha, but got all the swaps done so was no extra grind to get him. So I really feel like I made the most of the icon swaps. Edit:…

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