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  • I noticed one thing, just observation, the cheaters are typically with Italian flag or some with Polish flag, especially the ones using excessively the lag switch and glitches. Sharing my observation for the community suffering from these cheaters. no offense meant with it.
  • therefere, we dont pay a dime to their crap anymore :)
  • İ just turned on xbox and played fifa to see if it is the same, yes it is even worse, cheaters there are more than ever. you do not need to smart football intelligently in this crap so-called game, like nevski said all of the valid. İ am glad that i dont spend a dime to this, and no more EA game purchase. this game was an…
  • I am also sick of the hearts used to block the words, since artificially created pure environment set up on lies would not rule out the world we live in.. so what a bullocks
  • Well... how can we play against some guys using cheats and network traffic manipulation??? the answer should not be TO STOP PLAYING THE GAME..... right?
  • do not expect anything from EA Help, they do not help you in anyways, but you are polish ı guess u are free to pass with any means they dont touch u... enjoy
  • this is definitely waste of time, so I play Scavengers great game, way better than any EA games, highly recommend you, people. Do not waste any time with this trash fifa.
  • another one....toudem92 these are typically from france or poland... so EA has free pass I guess since they are losers. :D
  • Another dpsht cheater a..hole is mongois86 who runs network traffic manipulation script where the game was unplayable while his team running but my team does not move... probably using some trainers and somesort of network atack to my connection would do that... So, thank you EA for making here the heaven for these kind of…
  • For example, some lowlife form called ``09VfB09`` is a cheater who runs systematic lag switch and some exploits, I post all of these lowlifes on twitter with their info sothat people can be aware of these cheaters (probably using some fifa trainer) since EA has done nothing against cheaters so many years, may be some…
  • I also play on xbox console and PC, no difference at all, I agree with you guys. I also experienced on PC that after playing some cheating dude, the next game, my controller just switches to keyboard from controller, while the controller is functioning on the settings menu in online game but not in game play... So, that…
  • hope they address the real issues with game sometime
  • I play on both xbox console and PC, and different issues on both platform but similar... In addition, I am curious if anyone experience where the controller becomes disabled during game play and switch to keyboard without your approval... is it a known issue?
  • small amount of constructive comments is very vague expression, for some your comment might be positive but for others it can be negative, it is all about perception...
  • In the past, I was able to post discussion but now no option to initiate a discussion... this is disappointing.
  • Definitely is a ❤️❤️❤️❤️, no issues with network with fast upload download speeds with monimal latency etc... but laggers/lag switch users or code users whatever has advantage while u cant even see the next move or where the the cheater moves and/scores where ur scene is in the prrvious position. wt heck, im on fiber the…
  • I know that using mobil connection is quite common so ea lets cheating possible? Furthermore, i blocked a player on xbox one due to the fact that i had suspicion on his cheating (reported too) 5 mins later he was my oponent again.. is that possible?? How so? Whats the point of blocking option?
  • Davola, That happens alot, no matter how u set the controller settings, somehow the opponent might be favored strangely or ur player can miss the ball when possessed... Some players specially from uk and italy use lagger tool or servers favor them, i dont know
  • I noticed that such things happens with some specific regions and country based users.. I think there should be an option to block country based and or regional ip blocking option for not playing against those players.. just a thought
  • Haha, im really bored wih this... Nothing happens to them.
  • I definitely sure that both ea sports and bot xbox livefavors cheating.. unbrlieavble ❤️❤️❤️❤️ happen and I am sick and tired I wont buy any games from ea
  • I gave a back pass to my goalie from midfield and my goalie didnt touch the ball and i scored from midfiekd to my own goal. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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