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  • Yes to both of you. Its unplayable. It makes me sick with rage that 80% of my opponents dont get this problem
  • Ive posted many threads on this recently, phoned EA twice, contacted them on twitter 12 times (no response at all). Hopefully enough attention on here will make EA pull their finger out and sort this problem out once and for all, rather than brushin…
  • Ditto this. Pro clubs has been unchanged since 13. Its a joke. I only play this game mode and its so disapointing that they cant see the potential in this game mode. Take the leaderboards for example, its mainly based on games played, not talent. Po…
  • (Quote) Yes!! Exactly what i was saying to a few friends the other night. Only started when the 'christmas noobs' came on around christmas. I will be ringing EA shortly. Ill let you know if the say anything of interest
  • There was an issue before the previous patch with gameplay delay etc and the patch fixed it for a few weeks. Now, the delay is back and the game is unplayable
  • Issue Summary: Delay in every game mode Issue Details: Delay in every game mode. Passing, shooting, dribbling. There is a delay between pressing the button an the action taking place. It is the same problem from a month or 2 ago. It isnt on my end, …
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