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  • Yeah, the spotlight is really on Arteta now. Arsenal have overachieved compared to pre-season expectations but this does not reflect well on him. No doubt Arsenal will spend a healthy amount again this summer. Anything other than a red-hot start to next season and he’ll be under massive pressure.
  • Honestly, Arsenal man. 2018/19: Lost the Europa League final to Chelsea. 2019/20: 8th in the league. 2020/21: Eliminated in the Europa League semi by Emery. Finished 8th in the league. 2021/22: Highly likely to lose out on 4th after being four points clear with three games remaining. That is rough.
  • As far as the football docs go, nothing compares to Sunderland Til I Die. There was some really raw stuff in that. The Spurs one felt far too corporate. They probably cut a lot of the juicy stuff out to avoid controversy.
  • Martinelli looked infinitely more dangerous than ESR.
  • Just the one point needed to secure 3rd too. Hopefully we’ll see a few of the Cobham boys over the next two games. It’ll be nice to say a stress-free goodbye to a few of the players who are leaving too.
  • Arsenal really have had a howler. Could have an enormous effect on Conte’s immediate future with Spurs, and next season as a whole.
  • With very few distractions, I really do think this was your best opportunity to return to the CL. United have had their worst season in about 30 years and will surely improve. Spurs are now far more likely to back Conte financially and keep him at the club (along with Kane).
  • 4 points clear with three games to go. They had a massive run with beating us and United too.
  • 4 points clear with three games to go. Christ.
  • loooooool
  • What on earth is Cedric doing there
  • Had a tooth knocked out.
  • Did anyone see Wilson’s tooth there? Christ.
  • Ramsdale looks incredibly shaky.
  • Seems like it’s the government putting pressure on Roman to agree to certain terms. Probably nothing to worry about for now at least:
  • Lovely.
  • Another loan, preferably to a better side. If that's not possible then maybe drop down to a top Championship team.
  • Yeah that's lovely. Don't see many kits with collars these days.
  • This summer will be a painful one, we need so many players in/out that the speculation will be unbearable. It’s hard to see how we completely revitalise the squad in one window, especially with new ownership. This is likely a two-year job and that’s if everything goes well.
  • I just don’t get it from their perspective. Azpilicueta and Alonso are both the wrong side of 30, Christensen is a serial bottler who hasn’t played well all season. All of them are back-three specialists, they have not looked comfortable in any other system. I know Barcelona are scrounging around the bargain bucket this…
  • I’m beyond bored of seeing these pointless, 20+ post chains. If you feel genuinely offended & have to run to the mods as the only way to solve it, then do it.
  • Speaking of Chelsea, what an absolute worm this guy is. Barcelona doing us a real solid.
  • Azpilicueta - Christensen - Garcia - Alonso That is some defence. I hope Xavi is prepared.
  • This is a very small forum with a handful of active threads. If you think people are dealing out personal insults, please take it up with the mods. If you think people are obsessively following you around the forum, please take it up with the mods. If you genuinely feel you’re being unfairly targeted then why continue to…
  • Wasn’t even injured. Barcelona have got themselves a real worm there. Thank god he’s on the way out.
  • Enjoy your double, I know Mike Riley will.
  • Aye. Like when Keita stuck a kung-fu kick on Chalobah in the last final and also escaped a yellow, let alone a red. Super Jurgen’s refs.

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