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  • the gameplay is so bad in WL idecided to stick to playing rivals and the getting the weekley objectives, for me its more fun in playing and stress free :D
  • I was finally able to go for gullit 93. What is the best position for him in game? he fits perfect all over, although im happy with all of my current players im still looking in what position he will dominate best.
  • Guys, I still have to upgrade my team. It will take all my coins to do the gullit sbc, even when using my untradables. Is he worth it? What i still need to upgrade is 1 ST, 1 midfielder and 1 CB. Still thinking of what to do first, these 3 or just get Gullit. Thanks
  • Also got Ter Stegen as mu pick. Wil lthrow him in a sbc soon, i already got Oblak in the SBC. Ill wont have tim this weeknend to play WL. Good luck you guys!
  • I have been using 4222 more ofton then 442(2) these past 2 weeks. Use the same player tactics, balanced defence and press after possesion loss for the attack.
  • ill give it a try tonight
  • Im also planning on buying Mbappe and Felipe Anderson to use them as my strikers again. With the tots cards im getting i might change my mind but then again, trying out different combo's is what makes fifa fun.
  • That why i love using Felipe Anderson
  • I got Bernardo untradable. At first i wasnt planning on using him. Now having played 3/4 days with him as my striker on the right i can say he performs amazing. I have Salah 90 in red. Ilove mbappe as my striker on the right, but now im thinking of keep B. Silva on that spot and use salah as my right winger. He always…
  • I packed Bernardo SIlva this morning from the PL TOTS Guarantee. He should be a good RM in game, just hope his stats make up for the 3* Skills and WF.
  • The gameplay is killing me to. These past vew days i have had so many bizar things happening......... i want to play WL this weekend but im also thinking its not even worth my time
  • Do any of you have experiance with Mbappe 89 and 90 IF? I dont want to loose coins in trying them both. Is the difference worth the price? I had both 87 and 88 gold and for me there was no difference. Thanks
  • These past 3 weeks i have been in div 3 hanging on the edge to get too div 2. Im starting out on 4222 since WL and depending on my aponent i switch if needed to 41212(2), 442(2) or 4231. Having sold all my expensive tradable players and waiting for TOTS im happy that my team hold ups in div 3 and maybe go to div 2 :D My…
  • Guys, What are your thoughts on the Ramsey SBC? I did it with untradables plus 30K. Im using him along side Doucoure SBC instead of Pogba. Having played 10 matches with him as a CM/CDM i feel he isnt as present as Pogba, its still to early to tell but at the moment i preferred Pogba icm with Doucoure more.
  • Thanks for the tip @Seandimes and @Nivaze Pogba next to SBC Doucoure works like a beast! I did the Willian SBC, i loved his standard card and just had to do it. Im so surprised, i have him as my LM in game with Felipe Anderson OTW as left striker, what a combo! Willian fits perfect in my team due to his workrates and now…
  • Thanks, thats logical indeed.
  • Wouldnt it be better to have a high defensive CDM like kante instead of Pogba? Doucoure has high attacking and medium defensive workrates TIF Anderson plays like a hot knife going trough butter :) Maybe Ill keep son as a left winger or use IF Yedder, just hope ill have enough coins left for Anderson
  • What do you guys think? (i sold my main and fitness team but planning to buy back soon) Currently my team with untradables except the gold cards: Im planning on changing Kante - Lerma Aguero - Son Felipe Anderson (TIF) - Willian Sterling (IF) - David Silva Rest of the coins will go in to a Bundasliga team with untradable…
  • Killer post! I always had problems against 442(2) type squads and also the ones using Bundesliga squads. I bought the Bundasliga squad you have as an example. Only changes i made where, middle rivaldo as right striker. First time playing Bundasliga and dude this is fun. Most of the time i on the match, other lost due to…
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