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  • Anywho, I only asked what makes him a clear better striker because when I compared the two stats, I saw that Socrates had higher overall stats in everything but pace vs Ronaldo. So I wasn't sure why he should be a cam and not a striker, and visa versa with Ronaldo. Also, anyone tried the 94 Matthuas? I used his loan, I…
  • Why? For money. Thats why. I mean, why on earth would they make a better game, when they can make the same game from last year, and continue to make millions upon millions far after the release of the game with packs. So long as packs sell, the game will not improve. I was buying packs (I've only been playing for the last…
  • Can I ask why Ronaldo is the clear winner as striker? Socrates has 95 shooting vs Ronaldos 93. Just curious, I haven't been playing FIFA for very long so I don't know what makes players great at specific positions.
  • If you use an xbox controller, Goto Squads screen Press Left Trigger, and press Y for Custom Tactics, When this screen comes up, press Left Trigger to choose which option you want to edit (attacking, defensive, etc). After this you can change the formation, the offensive / defensive style etc. When you leave the screen, it…
  • Any tried both cards? Anyone have a preference of one over the other?
  • Honestly, I have him, use him every game, but he is definitely not my highest goal to game ratio scorer. I do enjoy playing with him. Cons : He has no strength in fifa, which I think is a little stupid considering the crap he does in real life when getting pushed around by people twice his size. But , it is what it is.
  • Yeah...but does that complete the SBC so you get the card? Or are you saying they made a play on words saying ' oh yeah, get this prime icon card, and we will allow you later to trade it in for a Prime Moments card' meaning, sure, turn in the prime card, and then do all the other parts of the SBC. Which seems a little…
  • Sandro wouldn't link to Varane or Ramos though right? I was thinking about TOTY Marcelo, I just hate his low defensive work rate. I can't control every player on the field and so much I would find him up field out of position for defense even though I have him set to stay back.
  • Oddly enough, I've had more luck with stopping playing for a week, coming back, buying packs. Over, buying packs through out the week to get complete trash in every pack.
  • Are we talking Divisions? Squad Battles? Cause I can easily get hat tricks on world class squad battles, but in rivals , which is 95% of what I play, I'm lucky if I score 3. I must be doing something wrong from all these stats posted... Messi 492 played - 224 goals CR7 288 -158 Prime Raul - 149 - 83
  • What about Messi as CAM, Gullit RCM, and your 93 icon cam on LCM. Maybe move Ronaldo to ST, or , Mid game, switch Messi out and put in Ronaldo, or Visa Verca (prob better to use Ronaldo first then switch out to Messi since its TOTY Messi. ). Aside from that I'm not sure, I have Messi and Ronaldo on my squad, but I had to…
  • Honestly, I think EA gives higher icon pack weights to streamers. I know multiple people who have spent 4000$ + on packs and have received 0 icons. While I know multiple streamers who have spent 1000$ or less, and packed anywhere from 2-5 icons.
  • Are you playing online, FIFA Ultimate Team? You make your own team then there is a tab for Division Rivals.
  • You're not alone though. I play in the US, and when I get home from work (which granted, is pretty late at night), I can usually find one or two games (each take about 5+ minutes), and after that, I can't find any matches. It sucks.
  • Just got the loan, I'll report back when I play the 10 games. Though I'm interested to hear from others. Not sure we will because I've read so many people complaining of the incredibly high price for the SBC.
  • From what everyone says, If you have the ball , you will always run slower than a player without the ball. So if you have a 99 pace attacker with the ball, you'll most likely get caught up with by an 80-85 pace defender. I personally don't find too much issue with it. But there have been times where I KNOW I should have…
  • Yeah, the game seems like RNG now. Many times, I can tell who the AI is trying to support and who it's trying to pull down. I'll have games where AI makes goals I didnt even make, and other games where I will have a player selected, and the game refuses to let me move the player (because somehow it's still being AI…
  • Is this prime Icon good? I did the loan sbc for him. Was thinking about getting his card through SBC though its ❤️❤️❤️❤️ expensive, but he doesn't seem to have a huge amount of positive benefits vs prime Raul that Im using. Though I do like that strength, Raul gets shoved off the ball ALOT.
  • Ibra seems average for most things, he's a little lazy so far as attacking goes, but, damn can he get some headers similar to CR7.
  • He's hit and miss for me. Half of the games he gets goals that shouldn't go in. Other half he sits way back with my CDM / CBs like he's trying to defend instead of getting forward /get in behind like I have him setup to do. Probably more like a 30/70 split. 30% he gets crazy goals, 70% he's confused about his life and…
  • They just changed. I wish I had my shooting busquets back not my passing busquets :(
  • Are you running on a 1080 monitor? If so , you should be fine. But if youre trying to play in 2k or 4k, that might be the issue. Aside from that, are you running on a HHD or SSD? Might make a difference. Is the stuttering online only or both offline single player & multiplayer?
  • Whats his pace? I've had busquets , and his pace is 92 or 93, (like it was), and he feels plenty fast.
  • Went with Vieira 88. He's awesome. Glad I bought him. Nice to see a player that will stop SBC Ibra from getting headers no matter what, lol. Should I keep Busquets on LCDM? Since he has green chem link with LB, CB, and Messi, vs putting Rijkaard there who would only green link to Ballak? Also, just out of curiosity, has…
  • I can kind of understand when getting knocked down, and waiting for a goal then throwing the hands up, But when the game is just forcing players to intentionally not move the way your direct, and is assisting the opponent team, or hell even my team. It's so obnoxious. I would rather have a skill based game then a game…
  • What league, who is your current team?
  • Think its because of their work rates. Matuidi has High/High, so he goes further than he should. The problem you have De Bruyne, I also have with Ronaldo. I've played him as CAM, tactics to stay forward, get in behind, and he just sits wayyy back towards my CDM / CBs. Drives me insane. Still haven't been able to fix it. I…
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