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  • I can't believe EA will release a worthy update this year ...
  • Why update Kenedy if he is not in the game? EA, as always, are brilliant in their updates ...
  • If EA adds Inter and Milan scans this year, I'm sure they will replace the faces of Kessie, Romagholi, Tonali, and possibly Barella
  • EA developers. Why don't you add face scans Osimhen, Dimata, Ntep? All of these players were at Club Wolfsburg in 17/18 when you scanned the team. Please add them now, this year has turned out to be terrible in terms of new faces ... (Wolfsburg Missed Faces: Gian Luca Itter, D. Franke, Jaeckel, Steffen, Uduokhai, Rexhbecaj…
  • Are you sure about Heriberto Tavares?
  • @EA_Andy @EA_Roger @EA_GZaro Covid prevented you from scanning teams, so be it, we accepted it, but why are you not watching the removal of the content (scans of the players' faces) added earlier? This is your mistake! You are so weak with the addition of new face scans, you are constantly holding back the player face…
  • Personally, I would rather wait for a scan of the players' faces than look at such a horror ...
  • We shouldn't wait that long to scan players ... EA should develop faster and then we won't need custom faces at all
  • Hopefully EA won't oversaturate the custom faces game. Keep scanning players and just zoom in on teams to scan, custom faces is the last century where PES is stuck. Paqueta, Camavinga horrible faces, very unrealistic
  • Die EA !!! You are such a flawed company, you not only cannot make normal content in the game, but you cannot even cope with your bugs in the game! Please stop releasing a football simulator, this is not your calling! @EA_Andy , @EA_GZaro
  • EA please add to your career mode the ability to select and use real trainers that have been scanned by you during this time. And bring the individual player training back into Career mode as before, but with the ability to simulate them based on the score you earned for each individual training session.
  • Please check this faces: Alfons Amade Joshua Brenet Kasim Adams
  • Olomola ( hartepool) S. Seedorf (?) Ladapo
  • Maxim Geis Jung (Furth) And this players too
  • Guys, Please check this faces: Adama Diakhaby (Amiens) Ofori (AIK) Donis (Stade Reims) Koziello (Koln) Dimata (espanyol) Ntep (?) Kone ( Lyon) Drmic Hrgota Grifo
  • And as it turned out now for the EA team, it was not difficult to add all the missed scans of the players' faces, only the desire was needed ...
  • Please check Adama Diakhaby (Amiens)
  • EA why are you making so many updates now, but during the transfer window, when many players have returned from loan, you are not returning them to the game? Where is Locadia, Xande Silva? They returned to their clubs in June, why are they not in the game ??? Keep an eye on this in the future! Moreover, they all have…
  • I hope that EA will finally add the ability to use real coaches with face scans in the career mode, as well as add the ability to take all coaches who have been scanned for the entire time of fifa games.
  • no Euro license - It doesn't matter, PES is adding new faces without any licenses, it's their policy. And we are not asking to make a Euro tournament with all the teams and kits, only some stadiums and scans of the players' faces that they have in stock could be added to everything! Something like Barella was added, but…
  • hahaha New genius update from EA. Added back to the game Kyriakos Papadopoulos, whose face appeared in fifa 20, and now he's gone again, you guys from EA don't give a damn about it at all? 10 years??? Shame, you're just impotent developers
  • EA I'm shocked with you! Euro has already started and you haven't added anything to the game for your fans, learn from PES !!! Here they are a real company that works for consumers. And you should be ashamed of EA, you are just a monopolist and this is the only thing that helps you win the competition. @EA_GZaro , @EA_Roger
  • EA, I hope you are smart enough to return all the faces you deleted in the new fifa 22 ... and also fix the transfer market (loans and transitions from major leagues to weaker ones, now what you did with it looks just pathetic) And add the faces that you have been holding back all these years !!! Diakhaby (Huddersfield)…
  • Sorry that not much is out of topic. But I'm just surprised how the transfer market is set up in fifa 21 ... EA has corrected the problems of the past years, when it was impossible to buy players who recently came to the club, thanks for that ... BUT how could you have made it so that playing League one, League two…
  • EA please explain! Why scan teams in one year, waste time, effort and money, but add player scans in a year or longer ??? Many players by this time have already finished their careers or will leave the club. This is especially true of small clubs, their rosters change every year and many players who are not strong go to…
  • J. Kodjia's face scan has never been in Fifa's game. If you count him, then this list will be huge ... Many players have been scanned, but we have never seen some in the game, although you could see videos in which the faces of specific players were scanned.
  • Do you think EA will add at least some more face scans to FIFA 21? or such a policy of EA will never stop and they will always keep face scans for new series of games, since they cannot surprise us anymore...?
  • What you say in this message was not found anywhere else.
  • @EA_Roger @EA_GZaro @EA_Bogdan I have a question, where are the scans of the Lyon players' faces ??? Y.Kone P. Cheikh Kalulu T. Mendes Cherki Gouiri B.Traore (Update) Depay (update) many of these players were the main players on the team. Why are they missing?
  • And we are waiting for the DLC for the European Championship, which we did not receive last year ... for obvious reasons and the postponement of the EURO date for this year. We know that you have enough scans of faces from European teams, EA don't try to push us forward! @EA_Roger @EA_Goran @EA_GZaro
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