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  • This was his tweet right after the ban Sums up the clown. He thinks his 12 year old kiddie army is going to do something.
  • Guys I do not know why you defending the guy. He wished EA employees burned in a fire. Made tweets like I Hate Corriander day, which then would incite 100s of his kid fans to abuse Cory even further. What part of that do you guys fail to register? …
  • (Quote) That ban message every body gets. The official statement from them on Twitter said he is banned from using all their services.
  • And you loonies still defend him. He was blatantly inciting hatred against staff who have nothing to do with gameplay decisions. Some of you genuinely off your rockers. Probably 100s more…
  • (Quote) Marty you better than that. It’s not crazy. The guy was making Fifa into a personal vendetta against people and egging his 12 year old supporters to do the same. What did you expect to happen? There’s a reason why it’s not happening to othe…
  • Right call imo. He pushed the boundaries. The game criticism was valid. But he then took it personal. He also didn’t bother controlling his chat whilst they were sending death threats to Corey, Castro and Bateson. He’s been inciting them for months…
  • (Quote) Thanks for the life advice, Eddie. If I need any more, I’m sure I’d come to you. But we talking about the Xbox community on Fifa. Also you shouldn’t enter a career as a stand up comedian as I do not think it’s for you.
  • One of the worst ideas I ever heard. Your career mode would be completely dead when your base model fails to sell the required amount.
  • They had rain online kid and nobody liked it. The same with snow.
  • (Quote) Fifa 2003? Wtf? Who played fifa in 2003? Everyone played pes back then. Regardless did you play Fifa 2003 online? No you didn’t. If Fifa 2003 was online it would have been exploited too easily, so it’s a bit weird statement to make. EA ca…
    in Kurt v tekks Comment by Sami July 2019
  • (Quote) Kurt scores two goals via la croquetas. His ego lost him the game and money. You either abuse the mechanics or you go home. Until EA make a balanced game why shouldn’t Tekkz abuse the mechanics. Look at the money he’s making from it, why w…
    in Kurt v tekks Comment by Sami July 2019
  • Korean servers! On serious note would have been voltra if you could play with friends.
  • Yes give the North Koreans a server. Come on EA.
  • Player switching gets worse every year regardless if you use stick or Lb.
  • I think competitive wise it should be manual everything. Would be more skill involved.
  • There’s a patch coming. It’s coming and it’s called Fifa 20. You have to pay £45 for it.
  • He’s not a pro and good riddance. Can Krasi, Nepenthez, Bateson and Ovvy follow. It would be a splendid e3 if that happens.
  • (Quote) What do you mean stop comparing real life football to fifa? What am I supposed to compare it to? Rugby? What are you smoking? Yes a skill gap is chaining five skill moves which you get from your favourite YouTuber krasi and then abusing it…
  • (Quote) Clue? Go watch actual real football and show me actual evidence of the stuff you saying happening. The clue less one is you. The only dribbling they need to improve is left stick dribbling because that’s realistic. Not spamming fake shots, …
  • (Quote) Some pros want chaining skill moves. Boras legend was moaning. F2tekkz isn’t going to like it too. EA shouldn’t listen. Go play voltz if you wanna dribble about with fancy skill moves. EAs approach is right chaining two moves and you start…
  • (Quote) If you want to chain skill moves there’s a new mode for you and it’s perfect for that. They need to make the game more realistic and doing what you said is not realistic my friend. (Quote) Not just skill moves. Even if your defenders to ta…
  • (Quote) Where did you get these figures from? You do realise sales don’t count digital copies. I know tons of people who bought the early release digital copy so they could play it early.
  • (Quote) Demo means jack ❤️❤️❤️❤️ if you don’t play vs other humans. The real exploits come after a week or so online when people find the most overpowered thing to do. EA don’t make the game balanced enough. Also as long as it’s on the frostbite …
  • (Quote) Exactly this. The OP doesn’t understand that. Should brush up and do his homework before creating stupid threads. Rather than telling EA to close down games because that’s what they effectively doing as all these games only have p2p game mo…
  • (Quote) You just answered your own question ffs. They log on to EA servers just like the tons of people who play old battlefield games. But they have no effect on weekend league because there is no weekend league. They don’t use the servers that …
  • Why are you still active? Use your head. Fortnite has none of these problems and has way more people playing it across all platforms. It has nothing to do with how many people are playing. More to do with lack of investment. Rather than begging EA …
  • People thinking Fifa 20 is going to be big changes will be disappointed. It’s going to use the same stinking engine and we’d have the same ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ball physics. Fifa 21 when next gen consoles are out with new engine is our only hope.
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