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  • That wasnt my opinion, I've been shafted by getting half the picks of people with less wins. I was just typing what EA think.
  • I rinsed my team into SBCs on Wednesday with the knowledge I had two player picks coming on Thursday morning, plus coin rewards to spend. How has not getting my picks until 24 hours later not affected me?
  • They wont care now. Easiest solution was just handing everyone a new set of picks so that's all they've done. Job done and move on, who cares what people think as theyll still play the game and put money into it. If you feel hard done by? Tough.
  • Someone who finished with less wins than me, but the same rank, boasting on Twitter about getting four picks. Oblak, Varane, Griezmann, Suarez. I got 2 picks. Ocampos and Yuri. My two groups of 4 both contained Oblak, who I already packed. Kroos, who I already packed, and Cisse. My luck is horrendous and I've no idea why.
  • Best I got was 82 Munian. Then done the premium SBC, and the best I got was 82 Munian. Opened 10 packs and he was my best player every time he was in it, about 4 5times. Packed Mario Hermoso in 9 of those 10 packs. Combined I've opened 20 packs tonight, through rewards and SBCs, and 85 James Rodriguez is the only player I…
  • Division 6 and just matched against someone with 3 La Liga RED players...
  • I'm in Division 6, have won 2 of my last 10 games (1 in the last 6), and have a 90 rated squad. I've not played a single squad rated less than 93 tonight, and not a single striker has started who is rated under 96. Theres zero chance I'm playing folk in division 6 every match.
  • I done the La Liga Player Pick SBC. Pick of 5 La Liga players rated over 81. Best player I got offered was 82 Munian. Done the Premium La Liga SBC 15 minutes later. Best player i got was 82 Munian. :D
  • I used a few first team players in the La Liga guaranteed SBC, with the knowledge I'd get two players today to take up the spaces. I would then use the coins I have to fill in any gaps. I'm now left to either spread coins meant for two players over four players to play this weekends WL, use Loan players which I hate doing…
  • Was it not confirmed on Twitter there wont be any patches for it this week? By the same EA staff member who then started banning anyone who said it's not acceptable in the comments. Beta testers have confirmed they made EA aware of the majority of issues almost a month before release, so let's not give EA any excuse about…
  • I've scored from corners, and the handball situation can be resolved in offline modes by going into the settings.
  • It's a bug. Like the hundreds that populate career mode this year. They don't care so dont expect it fixed.
  • No refunds. EA staff have gone in a huff and said they wont respond to anyone who's complaining. The absolute brass neck they have to complain about people being unhappy they've been lied to and then ignored.
  • Same. I didnt buy 19 until nearer Christmas and only bought this one due to the career mode fixes that were promised. I'll be waiting until 21 is released and we find out if anythings actually been fixed.
    in Angry Comment by Saints92 October 2019
  • I've got about ten hours worth of video, of my own and off YouTube, showing consecutive games in Career mode having the issue. EA themselves have acknowledged, on here and on Twitter, that it's not working correctly too.
  • I'm not arguing the game isnt "fit for purpose". I'm telling you EA have, legally, made a contract with buyers by listing "enhanced AI algorithms" as a feature of the game, despite knowing full well it isnt working in the game. They've encouraged people to buy a game by using false information. These things go against a UK…
  • Gameplay - 7 Career Mode - 0 New features (Volta) - 2 So 3/10. Factor in the fact they've not bothered to update the Champions League stand alone competition mode, or the latest squads, and you can drag it down to 1. So aye. I rate FIFA 20 at 1/10, despite it being one of the more enjoyable ones to play. Says it all.
  • It was a legislation that was passed through Government and passed as law. It relates to games/films/eBooks. If the service is not "As described" at the point of sale, the seller must bring it up to standard within an agreed period of time, or start giving refunds. It is a law in the UK. So I'm not sure why you keep…
  • It is. No Mans Sky was investigated for it too, and the only reason they escaped was because they'd described the game as an "infinite Universe where anything can happen" in the title, which gave them the chance to fight back by saying all the bugs were just one of an infinite amount of variables. This was the sole reason…
  • I'm stating it. They've claimed something, and continue to claim something, which in unequivocally false. This false claim has encouraged people to buy the game.
  • They've said no career mode fixes expected in the next update. Could be another two or three before they start putting fixes in.
  • Dont know what it's like elsewhere but GAME stores in Scotland are offering you a £30 in store voucher, plus £21 cash, for FIFA 20. Its not exactly your money back but it's better than nothing. You could use that to buy Pro Evo and have £5 left over.
  • It isnt legal, in the UK at least, to "knowingly mislead customers into buying a service you cant provide". EA, on their site, have continued to advertise career mode as being improved due to "enhanced AI algorithms that prevent AI teams using weakened sides", despite knowing this simply isnt true, even now, after days of…
  • They've flat out misrepresented their service, and duped people into buying it. What theyve done is illegal in the UK, and if enough people bring it up to trading standards, who can then move against EA, then EA would lose the case.
  • It was EA who ruined the Frostbite engine in the first place.
  • Yes, but a lot of people you're quoting aren't commenting on the gameplay, in fact they're agreeing about it being good which makes the fact they aren't able to play their mode all that much worse.
  • I'm sure we're all excited by the fact they're still tweeting more about UT than answering any questions about when the squads will be updated. It's really surprising.
  • Yes. They're taking time because they're starting from scratch trying to sort it, while also hoping if enough time passes then we'll accept any old fix and move on with things. We'll get a squad update with right transfers, and everything else in career mode will be reverted to how it was in FIFA 19. Theyll then return to…
  • Without wanting to be rude, if you have no interest, why are you over every thread arguing with people about how they're wrong to criticise the game. A huge chunk of people have paid £50+ to play career mode, which isnt something FM can give you the same experience of, and still cant play it. If you'd paid £50 for H2H, and…
  • Wait until trading standards force them to refund people who want to return the game. All the UT money in the world wont mask the disaster that would be for them.
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