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  • Sorry guys, thanks for the response. I know rewards changed with TOTS, with something like 86+ TOTS pick silver 2 or above. EA made an announcement but cant find it back, need to know which rank I need to finish, as I havent played WL last weeks
    in WL Rewards Comment by RvN008 June 1
  • Anyone?
    in WL Rewards Comment by RvN008 June 1
  • (Quote) I have Van Dijk 85 for months now and still does the job, fast and strong enough to hold of TOTS attackers. Maybe yoir better of spending your coins anywhere else.
    in Which Dijk? Comment by RvN008 May 29
  • (Quote) I've had R9 last year and Cruyff this year. Still miss R9. Cruyff is good, but expected lots more from him. R9 has way more presence on the pitch. Same for Gullit. Cruyff is a bit of a letdown, although he does his thing and scores and assi…
  • (Quote) Wait, you sure there's an hour with no TOTS in packs? Always thought theyd be in packs till new TOTS came out
  • Or as keepers are all the same this year, get Courtois in goal, Rijkaard/Gullit CDM and slot Robbo in at RM. Still you could put any PL player at CAM. I had very good results with 352, just outscore your opponent, sure with these defenders wouldn't…
  • Something like this, with an icon at CDM and any PL player you like at CAM: (Image)
  • If you want them all on 10 chem you'll need at least one icon on CDM besides Fernandinho/Kante. Dont know who you like? Put Ramos with Bale on the right side, and an Icon CDM on that side. Desailly CCV. Depending on the icon you put there you'll st…
  • Dont know if you fancy it but with these defenders and remaining budget I'd go 352
  • (Quote) Bro their both just like 3 hours in packs right now... both enormeous hyped.... Sancho might even be best RW in game right now with 5*.... Militao's from Brazil and perfect link with Telles whom also got a TOTS and is considered best LB in …
  • (Quote) You're crazy. De Ligt max 700K, de Jong even lower. Neres max 300. Last year Lozano was around 250K and was one of the most overpowered players on UT and everyone used him as super sub. Prices might even go lower when hype dies and new com…
  • (Quote) Correct. How could you possibly have 13 right now? :D Hope the SBC for the last one comes soon so we can open our Icon pack right when SB rewards are out
  • Did 3 got Wijnaldum. Kepa and Mahrez in the other packs. Sure worth it to try a few, even when you dont pack a tots you wont lose much with the current prices of 84+
  • (Quote) Definitely. So do your pyjamas. If you sleep without you'll pack an TOTS.
    in Pack luck Comment by RvN008 May 20
  • I go for an icon this time. The IF's you could get are worth like 100K at this moment, while the icon is 250K+. If I dont do an Icon SBC in the future, I'll still take the gamble to get an usable icon, otherwise I'll get an 100K pack.... worth the g…
    in FUT Swap deals Comment by RvN008 May 19
  • (Quote) No one cares bout that league, like you said, will go straight into PL SBC thus saving you minimum 30k...
  • (Quote) We're all just spoiled kids. I feel the same, but we get special cards all year long, there doesnt pass a week without new cards or SBC, how did we even survive before UT18 when SBC were introduced? I get that we always want more and this …
  • (Quote) TOTS for like free today and still reason to complain...
  • As we still need 2 players, and after this weeks weekly objective another weekly objectives isnt possible as it wouldnt have 7 days as June starts during that week, do we expect one SBC and one Squad Battle rewards?
  • What formation? For Tagliafico its pretty simple, get De Ligt for the stronglink, then any dutch keeper or get TOTS Onana to replace DDG and there you go. For Ndombele you will need a stronglink, I'd say Depay or Mbappe but depends on formation
  • (Quote) Normal. Come next week it'll be TOTS. Look on their twitter.
  • (Quote) I get that, but thought it was the case last year.... nvm, will wait till friday!
    in TOTS on monday? Comment by RvN008 May 13
  • (Quote) I had Huntelaar and Zlatan, both extremy well fitted for that job. Persie is just like in reallife a more technical type of player, not quite suited as targetman
  • You sure? I thought big leagues every friday, smaller leagues monday...
    in TOTS on monday? Comment by RvN008 May 13
  • (Quote) Right, but hes quite strong and tall, but I bet there are tons of better options if you're just looking for a targetman. I like him in real life so for me he is the best option.
  • (Quote) He isnt topscorer, he hasnt got the most assists.... why would he get a TOTS? Tadic, Ziyech, Neres, Luuk de Jong, Bergwijn and even Lozano have far better chances on getting a TOTS, and that are just attackers. Really cant see him getting a…
    in EOAE RvP Comment by RvN008 May 13
  • Ok thanks, was a bit worried I missed him, bit confusing you cant find anything about this in-game
  • Can this objective also be done in Divison Rivals?

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