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  • 11-7 was 6-7 until I brought back Roy Keane and Rio. Gameplay was atrocious until an hour ago then became good. Can’t be waiting until 11pm to play a video game though. Todibo and Cabella reds, shouldn’t have bothered. Same it’ll be for the cup so not bothering with that this week. Back for Serie A though, always liked…
  • Hopefully they’re upgrading them 👍played 3 games last night and they were disgraceful
    in Servers down? Comment by Ruprecht May 25
  • Ter Stegen x3 and Molina from the la liga upgrade. Nothing from the 81 x 11 so far (parejo) both days when I had a tots every time last week. Galán dupe too from the La Liga cup
  • Finished on 11 with a game to spare and a 90th minute winner in the last game. Had Modric and Griezmann in reds. Best by a long way so far. Had the left back moments from the Cup and Crespo from the icon pick so was due some good ones.
  • 4-1 today and 3-2 Friday. Should be done by tomorrow. Thank god I didn’t throw Chuk in a SBC, what a player.
  • 5-5 and stopping there. Just play 5 a day tomorrow and Tuesday unless 11 is out of sight. Was 3-5 at one point so I’ll take that but have never been in this position before, usually 7-3 or 8-2. Went unbeaten in rivals and WL qualifier this week with the same team so it’s likely me that’s the issue but I’ll change a few…
  • 2-3 and really good gameplay just played people that were levels above me. Lucky to get 2 wins to be honest. 3-2 in Tots Cup and the gameplay there was also great.
  • Finished tonight 2-1 and have the last two away. Had Kobel again, not worth the fuss
  • Mine is bad, not a patch on De Gea
    in Kobel! Comment by Ruprecht May 16
  • Started 17 as my first ever time playing ultimate team. Started in November and took until just after Xmas to qualify. Took a while to realise that real life players that are slow don’t replicate the same form in the game. Had 17 wins first time and a gradual improvement to finish on 26 wins with a DC in the last game…
  • 5-0 first games of this cup. I expect it to be much harder the rest of the week as 2 of the wins were very easy. Played about 7pm and it was awful but luckily for both of us each game.
  • 11-7 finished this morning. Had two playable, good quality gameplay the whole 18 games and they were this morning. The rest were flashing icons and diabolically bad. Im not one for scripting stuff but I’ve seen it happen this weekend, possibly just the connection making it look like the other person is guaranteed a goal.…
  • Started was 2-4 and clawed it back to 5-4 and stopped. Pointless when the connection is the decider
  • 2/2 and gave the 3 away. Got Zinchenko again
  • Does anyone else have an issue where you’re on the middle of a game and a ps5 menu comes up so you have to close the menu while the game is still playing? It’s not the ps button menu, some other one that I’ve never worked out how to access.
  • 2-3 tonight. Just couldn’t get around the gameplay. Hopefully get the two more tomorrow. Will play a bit later, may be slightly better then
  • 2-3 last night and 4-1 today. Hopefully get 4 more in the next 2 days. Just played slow tonight, passing it about without any skill moves as there’s no point, they don’t come off. On a side note, De Gea has been brilliant in Rivals, WL and now this mode for me in case anyone’s everyone else is using Ramsdale. I will say…
  • Played a few games of the tots cup last night with absolutely disgusting gameplay but Martinelli was rapid. Knock it ahead and go, burning everyone. Same in WL, had no issues with him. Isak at full pace seems as quick
  • 2 Zinchenkos a Mahrez MOTM, Trippier and the boro left back Tots. People will have worse but was hoping for a Saliba
  • 12-7 Bruno and Reece James in the picks. Lost the first two games so dropped Saint for Martinelli. Weird playing without any 5 star skillers but I enjoyed it more.
  • FB Kaka and Roberto Carlos. Probably good in good gameplay but I haven’t experienced that since I’ve had them so play them in hope more than anything. Ridiculously bad, especially Carlos.
  • Mine is the same, red and yellow icons nearly every game for the past 3 weeks. Makes it very difficult to play the game and not get hammered. My downloads and uploads are nowhere near as good as yours though and I’ve played with no one else home and it’s the same. It wasn’t this bad a month ago that it’s become this…
  • Had TOTS Sanchez from the first one. Bitter sweet as I have his 93. Had Ito, Carter-Vickers and the Dutch midfielder out of around 10 so pretty decent
  • Bought him 3/ 4 months ago and he was really good then. Had him from a pick a couple of weeks ago and he wasn’t anywhere near as good but logically he wouldn’t be
  • 11-3 all tonight. Rice and Danilo. Rubbish packs.
  • Capdevilla. Anyone know if he’s better than WC Roberto Carlos? Haven’t started WL yet so might chuck him in anyway
  • 11-7 far worse than usual because of the jitter and packet loss every game apart from the last game and that was at 0230 in the morning. No one else was using internet in my house. Just a frustrating experience where in the games against players as good, or better than me I had 0 chance. On a separate note, I thought the…
  • Good luck with it, I’d doubt it can be worse than Sky. I’ve had points where I’ve been bored with the game before but this is different because it is unplayable. No rational person would play it like it is for me, as it is just a game and I’m rational in all other senses. All previous games were in the evening after 10pm…
  • Has anyone else here got broadband with Sky? Just wanted to check if that’s the issue as I’ve been having the red and yellow signs every single game for two weeks. I’ve played two WL’s and 5 rivals in that time and it’s every game. I used to be able to play through bad gameplay but I’m just not able to anymore and I’ve got…
  • I’ve used him for 2 WL’s, the first he was amazing but last weekend he was the worst player on the pitch consistently. There was a contrast between the playability of the gameplay and connection I’ve those two weeks but the drop off was stark. Alex Sandro is better a more consistent for me. Might just suit me though.
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