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  • Seeing all the frustration here about player faces in FIFA makes me so happy I switched to PES this year. Sure, the game is not perfect and comes with its own frustration (especially online) but its really such a nice breath of fresh air to play a f…
  • (Quote) Sorry if this came across wrong, I am a fan of Roma and watch all their matches hence in my view I can provide useful insights in Serie A stats. As I mentioned I noted a number of clear cases of players with generic or outdated stats - not …
  • I just got turned down for offering to do reviews for Serie A (Roma, Sampdoria, Atalanta, Sassuolo, Parma) and the Dutch Eredivisie. Really don't know what is going on as Serie A is horribly outdated for most squads - same goes for Eredivisie. EA's …
  • (Quote) Fully agree with this post, this captures exactly what EA could do with relatively easy effort to satisfy a large part of this community.
  • (Quote) Upvote! Eager to hear more from the EA team.
  • (Quote) Scanned at Malaga I presume - tells us something about the time of scanning
  • Unfortunately little hope for Serie A new face scans but listing some potential new faces from PL / La Liga incoming transfers. Looking forward to any comments and spoilers: Pezzella (Betis) F. Ruiz (Betis) Vrsaljko (Atletico) Wague (Watford) Hopi…
  • (Quote) Upvote! There's comments about Leno being the only 85 rated player without a scan but Manolas is actually the other generic one (A. Gomez too according to proper calculations). Would make such a great starhead. Need Strootman and Perotti as…
  • (Quote) Agree, such a shame to see Manolas, Strootman, Perotti without faces (these guys all look so typical in real life, great material for a face scan) and Dzeko, DDR etc looking rather outdated. Roma would be my favourite team to be scanned!
  • (Quote) Kostas Manolas is also 85 rated. Careful what you bet on ;)
  • What I would love to see is realism on two ends: - player faces: outside of the PL scans (which are not implemented well - see Aguero for example) there is hardly attention for other leagues. This makes the game so narrow as I would love to play wit…
  • Dear @EA_Andy, when can we get access to these updates too? Would be great if we could access at least the latest features that a phone game has!
  • (Quote) Let's see indeed, I'm also not sure about it. On the Norwich point: indeed we all knew they would receive a scan since they were promoted but not all players received a scan and that could be seen from the faces that turned silver. Same goe…
  • (Quote) Read my comment earlier on. Many Norwich players turned silver before they were updated during the year. Happened with many more players e.g. the Mexicans that were added half way the year. To keep us going we need to find out which players…
  • (Quote) in previous years face updates in the regular game (e.g. for promoted teams to the PL) could always be observed beforehand because the players face would turn 'silver' (or kind of blue-ish) a couple of days before the actual update..
  • I believe this was already mentioned in this thread somewhere but have a look at Pepe's face in FIFA 17 vs. what has been leaked through various sources of the FIFA 18 beta. Guy looks different no? What team did he play for last year? ...
  • (Quote) Agree with you, another example I read about was Franco Di Santo. That guy looks nothing like his generic imo which would support the claim that EA has been leaving out scans.
  • Realistically speaking I would only expect scans for the 3 promoted PL teams (max 15 scans each) + Stoke and Watford (say 15 in total for the both of them). This would bring the total to about 60 scans already leaving only 10 spots for the likes of …
  • Just noticed that next to Ramires Funes Mori also his brother Rogelio is listed as having a starhead. I am not sure if they are twins but assume they have the same face if the listing is correct. Can anyone check?
  • (Quote) Indeed he is, waiting for a pic to see what he looks like. A pity Iturbe didn't get a scan during his Bournemouth spell. Would have been a nice addition for the Serie A fans as well.
  • (Quote) Pretty cool! Anyone knows when Solanke came back to London? Might provide insight on scans for players transferred in summer (assuming it wasn't Vitesse that go scanned :wink:)
  • (Quote) I've heard the similar news about Kovacic who is still an ugly generic in the demo
  • (Quote) Guess this means that no new players have been scanned for Serie A outside those we already knew. A quick count including the latest transfers and new scans brings the number of faces in Serie A already over 70 instead of the 65..
  • Wasn't Alberto Paloschi on loan at Swansea in the second half of the season? Could be that he has a starhead in that case which would be nice for the Serie A fans!
  • (Quote) Cerci was scanned at Atletico I guess no? But you are right these apparently random single scans remain a bit of a mystery. I've been looking for more evidence of scanned players in the Juve and Inter squads but can't find any evidence of …
  • Hi everyone, been following the fifa 17 starhead news for a while and although I don't expect anything out of the ordinary regarding non Prem-League teams I must say that I'm quite happy with the rumours about the many new and young English sided pl…
  • (Quote) I'm on XB360 and have the same problem as you. Not sure how to resolve this, any help will be much appreciated (I've already deleted previous option files, squads etc)
  • Xbox 360 update incl promoted teams player faces has been released. Thnx EA! Is that patch working with the latest squad updates for you guys? Eg I currently can't have both Pato and Bournemouth updates in the game...
  • Any chance at least the new starheads will be released in a patch for XB360? The scans are available anyways so why not release them?
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