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  • (Quote) The hyperbolic time chamber.
  • I'd otherwise be raging that Spotify have put the price of premium + Headspace up by a quid a month, but if it leads to Arsenal being bought over then I'll absolutely allow it.
  • Man, it sucks to say, but I don't think there's a point of doing a FIFA 22 Starhead Thread until we even get news for it. Otherwise it just becomes a goss page. What's the point. in FIFA 21 Star Heads Thread Comment by RollsReus April 26
  • What a night of fights.

    Who goes up against Usman next? Colby looked great against him last time and stung him quite a few times until he broke his jaw. Wonderboy is on a three fight winning streak and then you have Leon.

  • I'd accept it. He's a rough gem but probably isn't good enough.
  • (Quote) For what it's worth, I agree. I think Rangers could survive, given their results in Europe, but Celtic would be doomed. To say their team is full of nobodies is just silly. Both have numerous players who could easily get a PL deal.
  • (Quote) Also, for what it's worth, this has been talked about since I was a kid. It's never going to happen.
  • (Quote) I'm aware. But sitting by idle achieves much less. There's no better time to protest, especially if there is an element of truth in the reports that he might look to sell. Smoke the weasel out.

    edit: and it's that kind of atti…
  • There's a real opportunity to hound that cancer out of the club with the protest on Friday. If you're capable of getting down, I strongly recommend you do. Stand up and be accounted for.
  • (Quote) The good news is that the rest of the domestic fixtures are relatively comfortable. It's the potential final against Man Utd that worries me most.
  • Ceballos has really complimented Xhaka on the two occasions that he has played leftback.

    Encouraging but I'm afraid that it will be exploited against good teams.
  • 140 shots at Anfield in 2021. 3 goals.

  • Edouard only has a year remaining on his contract so wouldn't expect a massive fee for him.

    Never been overly impressed by him. But what other strikers are viable, I guess.
  • All very decent so far. Been in this position many times this season to believe that it'll be the same in this half

    Beautiful goal, however.
  • I don't think it's inconceivable to compare TAA with the best right-backs in history based on his projected ability. Compare where Lahm was at the same age TAA is now and you can't possibly say Lahm was at a higher level.

    Plus these thin…
  • Give Trent three or four years and he will be top easily.

    Big fan of Bran but questions over his attacking contribution, which is natural considering he's a centre back by trade.

    It would be between him or Sagna for the RB be…
  • I've quite liked Calum Chambers at right-back. He handled Mane quite well on Sunday. Just needs to improve his passing distribution because his crossing is extremely underrated.
  • In the context of it being >=2003, there's definitely an argument for not including Giggs. He was still great during those years, but certainly not at the peak of his performances. That's why I don't think Pires makes the cut, too.
  • (Quote) I'd agree with this.

    Might have Alexis Sanchez over Giggs, though. His performances are underrated.
  • (Quote) Not as awful as the CONSTANT whinging. 😴
  • Oh boy, I remember the uproar about Salah's update. What a tedious few weeks they were on this thread.
  • (Quote) This got me thinking. For some reason, I thought Brock walked into a UFC title match with Mir originally, which was the first MMA fight I was ever shown in school, by a teacher nonetheless

    Technically Joe Soto had a fight agai…
  • They're a very good team. Easy to see why Coufal and Soucek have taken so well to the Premier League.

    Can't afford to take them lightly at all.
  • I don't have any interest in the English Championship, like the vast majority of non-English. However, as the UK continues to open up thanks to the due diligence of our vaccine rollout, I'd be all for Championships being scanned if no other continen…
  • Fury vs Joshua signed.

    Didn't think it would ever be agreed on, felt like we were being sold wolf tickets. Pumped.
  • (Quote) PSV, Marseille (rescan) and Lyon (rescan) also got addressed. Were there more French teams? I can't recall.
  • It'll just get moved here because it's news. There's no point.

    EDIT: Actually, Lankz, when you get a minute, could you update the confirmed teams that got scanned for this year's edition? That hasn't been done yet. in FIFA 21 Star Heads Thread Comment by RollsReus March 13
  • God, I miss mods.

    If only they were back with an annual two week holiday during the beta.
  • (Quote) Adesanya tears Till apart, for me. Till gets too gunshy.
  • Jan wins after being too big for Izzy (but Izzy winning is better for the sport)
    Yan after gradually breaking Sterling down
    Megan, I have a slight feeling. But I'll probably be horribly wrong.

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