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  • Had also like 2 or 3 mio worth with all the 81 to 90 rating players i had in my club.
  • My team was 9 mio worth and had 2 mio on the side. On the app it says there are no clubs associated to my login so likely they erased to my club. After doing whatever was needed to have me flagged as coin distributing. Still cant login on my ps4.
  • Thanks. They did not change my email password was able to recover and change it. So ps4 and EA left. Still a nightmare.
  • Look at you smartass.
  • Thats the crazy part imo. Have like 4 or 5 passworda 2 of which i use too frequently. The email address he hacked had a totally different paszword used only for this email adress. I m so shocked. If was my WL opponent that s for sure. My email was a hotmail account and a guy connected from Buffalo NY (but probably using a…
  • I dont but since i played only one wl game they should find him. I did not have 2 steps auth activated.
  • So in clear am I screwed ? Any one got through that ?
  • Live chat seems to be Bots, and obviously they' re closed during the week-end for real customerservices Can't believe those things happen. I mean in my case they could trace fully well the hacker, yet of course they never will. Will have to wait for monday to try and get access thanks to Sony customer care, and then it's…
  • I did not but the guy who hacked enabled it.
  • So could only play 1 game today, played it and won 5-4 at the 120th minute. Then left for the day with the missus and the kids. Try to connect right now and can't. I go to my e-mails and see that someone changed my access and enabled level 2 verification. I have another e-mail from EA saying I'm banned from the market for…
  • So what do you guys do with the swaps ? Inclined to go to 5 with the friendlies, and just take the 25 83+ pplayers, despite hating untradeables. Then may do in the second wave the 3 more to get the 5 85+. Dont see me do much more and would hence avoid the squad battles .
  • Playing Balanced 5-5 Balanced 5-6-2-2 Have both my ST's on stay forward, one of them get in behind, everything else balanced. CAM is on stay forward and go into the box Two CM's are on balanced, one is in go to the box for crosses and cover center, the other all on default. FB's are on balanced and overlap.
  • Agreed. Base Del Piero is the best ST you can have for 1m . Especially in a 2 ST formation, his passing is very good and he finishes everything with both feet.
  • So played one of the eredivisie squad battles, my 1st this year (obv.), won 14-1. they scored after 2 min I was 0-1 down and stoped playing at like the 70th, doing tricks and stuff. I was remembering that it was not that easy the previous years with crappy teams for last year's swaps, can't remember me winning with scoring…
  • Try the uefa Renato if you have not. He s insane the upgrade is massive. It shows on the numbers as its a real upgrade but it feels a lot in game. Especially the passing.
  • Stoping at 11-3, too tired. Was one of the best gameplay today I had in any WL since the start. The most noticeable difference for me is the runs my players make. They actually pass the ball and then move forward, even without triggering the run manually, as should be the case. Was like that all day long (almost) and felt…
  • I watched Anders' stream yesterday for the first time and i like the way the kid plays, very offensive and not turning around the box for 20 minutes like some others. Quite cool to watch. What surprises me the most, dont knw if you noticed, if how his players burst forward and make runs. Every single pass he makes the…
  • Played against a new Marquinhos, who was actually playing as a CDM, and he was a pain in the rear. Lost the game of course and hated facing him.
  • How do people do to just pack those ❤️❤️❤️❤️ cards honestly. Still hoping to get a player worth more than 400k. Been spending tons. Never happened.
  • Went back to RB Naingo. He's so influential as a CM, he's the best player in my team, always has been. He's way above all others I tried, had sold him to mix things up but so glad I have him back. He's so much better than FB Oxlade, or TOTGS Bruno as a CM, its not even close. 9 G+A in 10 games as a CM, just like before…
  • Guys how do you do to 59th min snipe ? How do you actually those 59 min deals ? You jsut go all the way right to reach it or there's a way to quickly get there ?
  • 100% agree. I played his 12 IF cards extensively, then 120 games with his TOTY. Love the player IRL and had no bias at all. He was so bad honestly, he was half the CM PIM ZZ was. Clunky, and more important was losing every 50-50, was feeling so damn weak despite his stats. Also, he needed around 2hours and 58 minutes to…
  • Also, TOTGS Rashford feels like half the player his IF was. He's invisble for me.
  • Yeah I was suspecting you would "lel". I very much have felt, as a big spender, that the game has been repeatedly, for 3 years, "trying" to make me spend again when I don't spend for a week or so. Surprisingly it stops as soon as I buy some FP's. Don't care at all if you think it does not exist, I mean I'm just expressing…
  • Also, played all 12 games away. As every week. Yet I'll play all of my rivals games, i.e. 80/90% at home. Must be an explanation honestly but did never get any.
  • Have the game as much against me as possible right now, all rebounds against me, posts, no GK, and whatnot. It's the same every time I don't spend FP for some days anyway, not surprised one bit. Will be the 5th WL in a row I stop at 8, while not playing at all last WL. Currently 8-4 but it's been truly pathetic. I'm done…
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