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  • Turnbull robbed
  • http://twitter.com/__c1872/status/1125099500551462914
  • Can’t defend McGregor there, absolutely mental how he’s even done that. Just after making an excellent save minutes before as well. Won’t be confident with Wes in goals next weekend now.
  • Genuine question here - how can McInnes get a one match ban for the exact same thing Brown done yet Brown gets away with it?
  • fergoosee wrote: » https://twitter.com/RangersFC/status/1123980532545740802 brilliant to have him for another year Wouldn’t have taken him going by his first few performances but he’s certainly looked a lot sharper and more effective n…
  • PintOfMagennis wrote: » AnDrEwThEdOn wrote: » https://twitter.com/muiryceltic/status/1123634839306014720 Lengths some fans go to to dig up dirt on signings is patheticb This
  • SC1967 wrote: » Hawd the bus. Kent has been nominated for POTY as well? Incredible. Scott Sinclair has been duff this season and he’s scored more goals than him. Ryan Christie has scored more goals in fewer matches, from midfield. Talk abou…
  • fergoosee wrote: » https://twitter.com/RangersFC/status/1123619465256755200 unreal signing Meh
  • Andre Gray linked with us now lol
  • SC1967 wrote: » McGregor won POTY and Players POTY. Ajer got YPOTY. Can't argue against that. McGregor has been the best, most consistent player in the country for probably the last two seasons. Thought Forrest would’ve got something
  • AnDrEwThEdOn wrote: » Dont get me wrong our style of football is terrible and we weren't good today but you are allowed to play for a point and it shouldn't be taken away by 2 refereeing decisions You’re lucky it wasn’t more. Tav’s clear o…
  • Sykesy wrote: » RfCxAmy wrote: » Salty P3anut wrote: » AnDrEwThEdOn wrote: » What's the point in trying Its not an even playing field Aberdeen clearly weren’t looking to play any football regardless. First one was a penalty a…
  • Salty P3anut wrote: » AnDrEwThEdOn wrote: » What's the point in trying Its not an even playing field Aberdeen clearly weren’t looking to play any football regardless. First one was a penalty and even if we didn’t get the second one w…
  • Awful performance from Aberdeen but we strolled it from the first whistle. Defoe not up to scratch today and could’ve had a couple. Looked 2 clear pens from where I was sitting but haven’t seen them back.
  • Steven Thompson is brutal http://twitter.com/4ladshadadream/status/1121851408289030145
  • Cracking game to watch, few decent prospects for both sides to keep an eye on.
  • Clever free kick for the second http://twitter.com/kennylanglea/status/1121478012594216960
  • Salty P3anut wrote: » Rangers kits for next season have been leaked. Home is nice but away and third are awful. Especially the third looks like a keeper kit Home kit is a beauty, not keen on the red but the black is smart. http://twitter…
  • A genuine Celtic legend and highly respected within Scottish Football - RIP “For so long as player and manager Rangers were my big rivals but throughout my life I’ve always had a massive respect for the Light Blues.”
  • PintOfMagennis wrote: » Hastie/jones ? Not a fan of either but hope I’m proved wrong.
  • Salty P3anut wrote: » Get rid of Morelos. Strengthen elsewhere, Ryan Hardie back from loan and maybe another striker to rotate with Defoe. If we get rid of Morelos then we still need to strengthen that position. Defoe would be our main man…
  • fergoosee wrote: » Sykesy wrote: » fergoosee wrote: » Sykesy wrote: » MarioMonk wrote: » fergoosee wrote: » https://twitter.com/STVSport/status/1120017498844409856 Guy I know played with him years ago. He has said that…
  • Mental that we’ve got 13k on the waiting list for season tickets. Think it’s time we get rid of the big screens and expand our capacity.
  • SC1967 wrote: » Hastie, Stewart and Souttar all heavily linked with Rangers. Thoughts, Rangers fans? Those signings won’t win us titles, simple.
  • Hibee wrote: » Glad others are noticing how dirty Aberdeen are. I used to get a bit of stick on here for saying so. They are set out to defend and if it moves kick it. Anyway glad Celtic won yesterday as I would have fancied Hearts chances of b…
  • SC1967 wrote: » Just saw Ryan Jack got Rangers' goal of the season for his deflected goal against us in December, then said it will probably be the most special moment in his career. My god that's sad. Should’ve been Morelos’s goal again…
  • Scott Arfield - LM - Rangers - hat trick against Motherwell (3-0 currently)
  • Salty P3anut wrote: » RfCxAmy wrote: » IF Arfield please and thank you Might have to do the Morelos sbc and start playing again Morelos is very good in the game so would be worth it. Only thing would be Arfield’s pace for out on…
  • IF Arfield please and thank you
  • **** at it again throwing a lighter and other things at Tav when taking a throw in. Get it up them, 2-0 Arfield double!

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