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  • Mental that we’ve got 13k on the waiting list for season tickets. Think it’s time we get rid of the big screens and expand our capacity.
  • SC1967 wrote: » Hastie, Stewart and Souttar all heavily linked with Rangers. Thoughts, Rangers fans? Those signings won’t win us titles, simple.
  • Hibee wrote: » Glad others are noticing how dirty Aberdeen are. I used to get a bit of stick on here for saying so. They are set out to defend and if it moves kick it. Anyway glad Celtic won yesterday as I would have fancied Hearts chances of b…
  • SC1967 wrote: » Just saw Ryan Jack got Rangers' goal of the season for his deflected goal against us in December, then said it will probably be the most special moment in his career. My god that's sad. Should’ve been Morelos’s goal again…
  • Scott Arfield - LM - Rangers - hat trick against Motherwell (3-0 currently)
  • Salty P3anut wrote: » RfCxAmy wrote: » IF Arfield please and thank you Might have to do the Morelos sbc and start playing again Morelos is very good in the game so would be worth it. Only thing would be Arfield’s pace for out on…
  • IF Arfield please and thank you
  • **** at it again throwing a lighter and other things at Tav when taking a throw in. Get it up them, 2-0 Arfield double!
  • What an embarrassing league http://twitter.com/thfcethan/status/1114580563673997312
  • Lennon must stay
  • fergoosee wrote: » SC1967 wrote: » Spot on. https://twitter.com/celticfc/status/1114137951217360896 trying his hardest to get the job permanently Can’t wait to see a Lennon meltdown next season
  • SC1967 wrote: » Two match ban for punching someone in the face is fairly lenient. What do you expect when a player can kick someone in the head and get away with it?
  • fergoosee wrote: » halliday did get a ban for celebrating at the half way line Candeias got a red for blowing a kiss.
  • Very comfortable win tonight - Hearts didn’t look up to much at all.
  • Flanagan starts at LB; Hearts would be as well firing down that side.
  • jamle1874 wrote: » Celtic and Rangers intrested in Uche funny it’s just before a game against rangers, predictable toilet paper of a rag the sun is Wouldn’t improve either team anyway.
  • What’s the chances of the Old Firm being the Easter weekend? I’m away for my 21st so praying it’s not going to be
  • Sykesy wrote: » Imagine just disappearing to a country where you don’t understand the language to play for a team with a rivalry that’s as fierce and volatile as they come. Getting abuse left right and centre. The boy couldn’t even go transfer cas…
  • jocksaltire_67 wrote: » SC1967 wrote: » If Morelos leaves (which he will) and you don’t get Kent back, you’re in real trouble. There's a rumour that Celtic want Kent in the summer and Liverpool will accept £7million for him. Can you ima…
  • SC1967 wrote: » If Morelos leaves (which he will) and you don’t get Kent back, you’re in real trouble. Pretty much a certainty Morelos will be gone in the summer. Hope we get Kent back even if it’s just another loan as I can’t see us paying …
  • SC1967 wrote: » AnDrEwThEdOn wrote: » RfCxAmy wrote: » Morelos to be fined a weeks wages, if he doesn’t smarten up after that then there’s nothing else we can do. He needs a proper manager to sort him out And a proper captain. …
  • jocksaltire_67 wrote: » Sykesy wrote: » fergoosee wrote: » give it lenny we win the league next season Behave. Nobody’s stopping 10. Can dream all you want. Isn’t happening. Stevie G is out the door next season. I reckon by Christma…
  • Morelos to be fined a weeks wages, if he doesn’t smarten up after that then there’s nothing else we can do.
  • Didn’t watch the second half but Celtic sure know how to score late winners
  • Cannot defend Morelos at all for today
  • The club better fine him for that. Absolute disgrace and going to cost us big time.
  • Aw **** off
  • Pathetic, absolute shambles of a performance from us
  • fergoosee wrote: » Sykesy wrote: » That’s ruined ma Sunday Congratulations all rangers fans. Enjoy your day. Only one team winning this and it’s not Celtic Lennon out Moyes in Who drops Sinclair. Honestly man. Raging isn’t even cover…
  • PintOfMagennis wrote: » RfCxAmy wrote: » Just seen we’re apparently going for Greg Stewart in the Summer. Talk about going backwards , hardly going to win 55 with him and jones in the team Yeah not impressed with this one

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