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  • Hi guys, first post here since 23. Didnd't really try this, should have I guess. Got about 70K now, easily made from flipping stadiums/kits, but that won't last and is probably not so efficient. Any beginning tips to start over? I wouldn't mind some IF's but don't have enough coins yet. What margin are you looking for? I…
  • Didn't know either, thanks for the tip, I came on the forum to find a solution to this. Did they announce anything about it? I ight understand they want to harm trading a bit, but they could at least communicate about it...
  • It’s written dynamic duo … can these things somehow improve ? Didn’t see anything about them on ea’s Twitter
  • Well, guess my comment can be updated... opened cantona moments tradable while doing blanc :) Worth 1.2M, might sell him or keep to improve the 90 I'0ve been playing for monthes :)
  • Wanted to say it’s one More than me this year . Welcome to the club, 88 fodder nakata! (Which I might have actually enjoyed some monthes ago )
  • - Is he good as a lone striker in a 4-3-2-1? (playing both this and 4-2-2-2 currently, with 90 Henry and 90 Cantona around him, or maybe Henry as striker and him as CAM/LF) - Is it obvious that he's better than IF lewa that I currently play? I could swap him for griezmann, as long as I keep RTTF Tolisso over HL Kimmich
    in Griez SBC ? Comment by RemyS February 22
  • Mid Cantona . Big Win, especially as I loved him IRL. Not even sure if he’s really better than the base Lewa he’s replacing for now (will probably play both ), but super happy with him !
  • Nevermind , didn’t notice the 89 is RM :) Looks like easy choice then . How much can I expect to pay tonight or tomorrow?
  • 4 , 3-1-4-2 Any way to go back in lower division ? I usually played div 5/7, most Opps are way better than me now :)
  • Opened him untradable , a few days after finishing Baku who looked perfect in my 3/1/4/2, mostly Bundesliga. He can fit easily, clear upgrade even with a bit less stamina ? Might play him CM and Kinmich on the right side , but even if I don’t care that much about pace, Kimmich is probably too slow for that .
  • Btw, isn’t that Lewa totally overpriced? I play his NIF and wouldn’t mind upgrading, but the upgrade/cost ratio seems awful
  • Same here
    in Fut down? Comment by RemyS July 2021
  • Down for me too. On ps4 but app working on my phone .
    in Servers down? Comment by RemyS July 2021
  • 90 veron 91 petit 93 Cantona Not really a win (I bought some players , he cost roughly the same price as the sbc) but quite happy with it . I liked him a lot and was considering to buy him at some point . I knew I was probably going to lose some coins , so Breaking even is ok .
  • Where does this come from ? I might pass it as I have no use for any of the players under acuna (that I currently use the 88 as LB). And havertz fodden don’t fit my teams , even if i could use them as subs . But I don’t really need these 200k either (and sold my IF for 1M also because of this, but now my TP is empty !)
  • Are they better value than the rare player pick (who probably suck but at least get me a cha ce of fois tots , which is why I bought 2/300k of rare gold today :) )
  • I was actually login in this forum to ask that exact question . I want to do some ligue 1 upgrades (would like to spend like 2/300k maybe , my issue will rather be time to do the upgrades than coins ) so expected to buy rare golds this weekend. However while it seems that the past 2 weekends they were like 700/900 before…
  • I would rather get a French keeper , not sure I want Navas behind Kounde and Kimpembe
  • Same there, , saw yesterday I forgot to recover my duplicates from liga sbc's :)
  • That was an expensive Kounde :) Well, he’ll replace his 84 version that I enjoyed so it’ll be ok. Hope I won’t get him in a PP now ...
  • after 10-15 and as many premium upgrades, I've had only llorente. Well, guess they will all come later :smile:
  • Actually a premium kinda gives me the cards for a PP so I expect to chain them like this for a bit. So far with like 4 Pp 4 packs I’m at 0 tots, highest rated are Saul and Koke
  • I always find it kind of funny when people think they are ´due » any kind of pull. And I was myself very unlucky in most of the sbc I did this year , but if you can’t accept these are random and high variance, you probably shouldn’t even do them .
  • Any last minute suggestions please ? :)
  • I really enjoy WhatIf Mbabu that I packed untradable (and is from the same city as I am which adds some sentimental value ). I plan on trying to make many liga upgrades as it could be an opportunity to improve my team, so might be harder for links (especially if I get Navas which seems decent too ).
  • Guess it also depends on what you would do with the coins once you sell. And if it prevents you from opening packs if you're unassigned. But in the meanwhile always list for lazies. I filled my trading post some weeks ago, so players that I didn't seel yet I probably paid way more than current value. But I sell 3-5 minimum…
  • I've his Mid (from icon pick, didn't feel so lucky...). I play him as a secondary striker most of the time, find him ok but not great. He doesn't miss a lot however. He's not that expensive at 500k, but I wouldn't do him at this stage of the game, except if I was a really huge fan of him.
  • Do you also think COVID 19 was generated by Bill gates and friends , and that 9/11 never existed or was made by the US government ? ;)
  • Because the sbc was worth 1.2 M and del Piero is worth 700k I think ? :)
  • I bought Gomez. Then couldn’t play because of the update :) I might actually sell stuff and buy the what if, but it’s probably too much for me to put 1M in one player (especially after my epic fail in the icon sbc :) )
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