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  • Liverpool fans have spent decades trying to prove that Hillsborough wasn't an accident and was unlawful killing so it's a bit disrespectful to link the two.
  • I'm talking about when he slipped.
  • So why hasn't he been fired? Your players walked around in t-shirts of a person who was convicted of attempted murder and had the conviction upheld by multiple courts of appeal. Your fans even managed to get him freed on the basis of secret evidence. This has nothing to do with Hillsborough, although I've noted that you do…
  • I have realistic expectations A club who supports PEDs, racism and murder can't be expected to uphold the integrity of the league, and indeed they don't.
  • I would never be so naive as to expect Liverpool to behave ethically. Already asked and answered. As previously said, I'm talking about the principle.
  • I don't understand the idea behind crying to moderators because someone disagrees with you. I'm not being especially abusive, I'm just expressing, explaining and arguing my view. Of course.
  • The thing about examining the logic behind something is you don't have to restrict it to the small scale. My position is that every team should do their utmost to win every game Your position - and seemingly the position of many others - is that every team is entitled to do what it likes with no regard for the integrity of…
  • Injuries. Everyone in the Premier League owes us, who brings in the revenue that funds all these clubs who just make up the numbers? They also owe it to the Premier League to try their utmost to win. Integrity. Of course it isn't, I would never suggest that it is.
  • Let's examine this logic that everyone can play whatever team they like a bit further. Next season Manchester United reappoint Moyes and it's goes as expected. By Christmas we're bottom by 10 points and 20 points from safety. A consortium of TV companies approach the Premier League and communicate that if United go down…
  • We lost those games fair and square, I've no issue with us losing matches fairly, I have an issue with other teams deliberately disadvantaging us for their own selfish reasons. It's not the first time this has happened to us.
  • Nah, I'm not trolling at all. I've consistently held this position for years. Please discuss things in good faith. As said, they have a duty to the integrity of the competition. If they shirk that duty to prepare for a competition which they aren't even in I'm well within my rights to hate them for that and I think…
  • If Swansea beat City but United campaign for Giggs to be installed as manager and he's so incompetent he picks a team scores a goal to beat ourselves then I'll withdraw any complaints.
  • I tell the truth, I have ethics and I understand things like game theory more deeply than most people. I'm sorry if you can't handle that.
  • Yeah, you get three points for both of them. This geordie ❤️❤️❤️❤️ is bringing up a game from 6 years ago which we won anyway. It's not right before the Euros anyway, the Euros don't start for nearly 4 weeks.
  • What was the final score? Well done, you're getting it now. If we'd beat Swansea in August - something that would be much easier if they were resting half their team we'd be comfortably in the top 4 now and strong favourites to get that spot. Instead Swansea tried their hardest against us and inflicted a defeat. United are…
  • There are 380 games in a Premier League season, maybe your Brown Ale addled brain can't handle numbers bigger than two.
  • That's how simple you are, but to people who understand what competition is it's a bit more complicated. I'll try to explain it to you simply. If Manchester United go to Swansea and face a Swansea City side fully motivated and trying their best to win while Manchester City go to Swansea and face a Swansea City side who are…
  • They're resting players for the European Championship, a competition that they're not in. They have a duty to the integrity of the competition to do their utmost against every team. You use your intelligence and judgement. I know you're a Newcastle fan so those are pretty alien concepts, but to someone from a place where…
  • Those ❤️❤️❤️❤️ are resting players for the European Championships, they should be docked points for that.
  • He will be manager by the start of next season, believe me.
  • Exclusive image of the United investors call Joke and image shamelessly stolen from Samuel Luckhurst.
  • Sky Italy reporting that Mourinho will be the next manager of United.
  • Pochettino has signed a contract extension There can be only one B)
  • Why the hell wouldn't he?
  • Who is more likely to be interested in an 18 year old unproven player, LVG or TSO? Who benefits from United publicly expressing an interest in a player bumping up to price into the stratosphere? Who will be pissed off about United failing to acquire one of his targets, pushing him closer to the exit? No, I'm not worried.
  • Renato Sanches has signed for Bayern.
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️, he lives in club owned property.
  • Notice how they don't put "according to the Daily Star" in the Tweet. Clickbait garbage. I'd put more faith in it if Sky had found it written on the wall of the toilets in human feces.
  • That's more about Woodward being a knob though. We were only out of the CL one summer when he was going after players - the summer we actually signed Di Maria - the other two we were either in it or in the qualifiers, he just set unrealistic targets because he's a knob.

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