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  • I think this is just how things will go when two of the worst clubs at this kind of thing do business together. Wouldn’t surprise me after this gets done between both clubs that their next targets go much faster.
  • Like I said before every “news” outlet is going to link United to every single Ajax player. It doesn’t sound like a lot is leaking from the club right now so I would take all of it with a grain of salt. Obviously FDJ is a real thing. Just have some patience. It’s only a few days into the window.
  • Only a matter of time until a club mouthpiece drops a story that says United are in talks with someone like Tielemans or someone similar. It’s all public negotiations now. Barca don’t have much leverage at all and might be one of the only clubs in the world worse than United at negotiating.
  • Strangely I see this as a good thing. It means the leaks aren’t really coming from the club anymore. The De Jong stuff is coming from Barca trying to create a market. We’ve been linked with virtually everyone who has played under ETH at Ajax. Pau Torres and some of the other names mentioned in reporting have been long term…
  • Not sure if city can make it work with the Haaland deal already. I don’t even think he fills a big need for them anyways. It feels like Frenkie is the first domino to fall in the transfer market. FDJ out, Lewa to Barcelona, Mane to Bayern, Liverpool flip that money for whatever is needed.
  • Frenkie is the only one who doesn’t get what’s happening yet. Pedri and Gavi are their future in the midfield. He rarely finished a full 90 minutes under Xavi so despite what he says to the media he clearly doesn’t favor him. They need the money to round out their squad and he’s the only big sellable piece. I suppose De…
  • I don’t think Barca have much leverage in this situation at all. They can’t register their new contracts due to wages. They have agreed terms with Lewa and they need the money for him. If United pay asking price here then nothing has really changed.
  • I’m shocked to read that Varane played 22 PL matches. It felt like he was never fit.
  • It’s hard to predict expectations without knowing who is in and who is out. If the club can adequately rebuild the midfield I think the battle for the third and fourth spot is realistic. If there’s another season of Fred and McTominay playing significant roles then top 6 is most likely.
  • Probably alters the spend over the summer but if this is true I really can’t complain about a move for De Jong. He’s class.
  • Would’ve liked to see Garnacho get more than 2 and a half minutes. Rashford and Elanga were largely anonymous.
  • Sancho is injured and not available today from what I read.
  • I’d really like to know what happened with Rashford this season to make him so shocking on the ball.
  • Personally I’d be happy with something like Tielemans, Neves, Pau Torres, and Antony. If we could squeeze in a fullback that would be a really successful window. I’m not aiming for superstars this window my goal would be to try and stock the squad with multiple solid players and build from there. Obviously would love a…
  • I would prefer the Neves type of transfer over Rice. I don’t doubt Declan Rice but I personally think multiple holding mids could do the job and you don’t have to spend big to find one. I think Nunez is more realistic than Kane.
  • I think Diallo comes back and goes into the rotation on the wing next season. The need for another striker can be pushed back a season since I think Ronaldo is staying, Bruno can be rotated there and Garnacho probably gets called up for game time as well. Mix in Rashford too most likely. The immediate needs are midfield…
  • That’s what some of us were getting at yesterday. I personally don’t want the big flashy signing that has already made their career and isn’t hungry for success. Give me two guys in his place who are talented and hungry to prove something. Liverpool absolutely did it the right way because Klopp has a vision and a system…
  • If I have one criticism of Ralf before this game even started it was leaving Sancho out of the starting 11. He’s been one of United’s best players the second half of the season. Obviously he couldn’t predict Pogba leaving within ten minutes (kind of felt like a Pogba business decision tbh.) but there were no other…
  • Yeah I tend to agree. The club is stuck with Maguire given his wages. If ETH parks him on the bench he’ll win me over pretty easily. More than anything I’m hoping the manager and football people are aligned with their vision. It’s clear the spend and spend model just to hang around 4th isn’t good enough. No point spending…
  • I can’t wait until several of these players are out this summer.
  • If you guys hate how often Bruno turns it over you’d absolutely despise watching someone like Messi or Neymar. Your creative players will always give the ball away the most, partially because of how much time they are on the ball. You don’t pay them for the short safe pass you pay them to create the chances nobody else can…
  • That’s my one big complaint from last night. It was clear about 20 minutes into the game the ref was going to allow Atleti to play their game. It’s on the players to adjust and stop going down on weak contact. Stop looking to the ref when you’re on the ground. Just get up and get on with it.
  • I want to never see McTominay and Fred start another important match together again. Don’t care which manager makes that happen.
  • Well now Tom Brady has to go to every game the rest of the season. It is decided.
  • Who is this demon wearing Fred’s shirt today ?
  • Progress ! (I’m laughing since the alternative is crying.)
  • My thinking is we don’t have a holding player in the club so we should try something different. Playing Pogba deep allows him to utilize his true strength which is his passing range. Put two workhorses next to him to run up and down. It’s a bootleg version of Pogba-Pirlo-Vidal but honestly I’d rather entice people into a…
  • It is confusing and sad to watch Cristiano get wrong footed and clumsily take on the ball. It’s like almost every touch the last two months has been awful. He and Bruno are trying way too hard with every touch and every pass. You can see it in their reactions. Need more of Sancho on the ball. He and Elanga are the only…
  • I think Sancho or Rashford in for Fred and move Pogba to Fred’s advanced midfield role. We need someone in the Fred spot with some range and creativity.

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