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  • did they not scan the Whitecaps squad? I'm sure they train right next to the FIFA HQ.
  • they added an athletics track to St James' Park, or least that what it sometimes feels like given how far the fans are from the pitch.
  • i wouldn't be surprised if the full Championship will be next for FIFA 20. They won't have much left to do on that and it's the English market.
  • I'm sure they forgot about it. Good job you reminded them.
  • Johan Cruyff, Euesbio and Shola Ameobi.
  • Like others, I don't expect any major improvements on career mode either. So for a couple of minor and seemingly easy improvements or quick wins... Ditch the Generic Managers - An obvious one. Surely it's easy to offer the option of having the cl…
    in Career Mode Comment by RVieira June 2018
  • I'm thinking that they're more likely to add more regular Champions League team stadiums than full treatment for the Bundesliga or La Liga.
  • https://www.joe.ie/uncategorized/arsenal-fans-shine-a-light-on-the-emirates-stadium-after-floodlights-go-out-403970 a few years ago the lights went out at the Emirates. It actually looks a lot like how FIFA does.
  • if you don't think a player who has scored 23 goals in a record-breaking Premier League team is 'good enough' for international football, it says more about your knowledge of football to be honest.
  • Wembley is a really, really tired design. It feels like the same template from the FIFA of the mid-2000s. It's a showpiece stadium, and I think it was even the setting for the demo game in FIFA 16 for the FA Cup Final. Given the attention that's foc…

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