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  • I think this is more of a push by the agents against FIFA and FIFPRO as they are trying to introduce reforms in regards to player agent fees.
    Just looking at the FIFA press release last year agents fees were USD 653.9 million which was 4 times…
  • If they are going to do league/nations objectives they really should just be play 4 or 5 rather than win. Especially now with people having rinsed their clubs dry.
    But honestly with all the cards out of packs I can't even find the desire to p…
  • (Quote)
    Because that is the no loss glitch that has been in the game for years now. If it was a disconnect on your end the game would have counted as a loss. But with that glitch they get to replay the game and the game just doesn't coun…
  • Did another and that would make 47 and Hagi.
    What a worthless card to finish off these sbc's and without Icon sbc's I'm not bothering with 21 grinding all year and not getting anywhere near the Icons that I wanted thanks EA for making them so …
  • (Quote)
    Honestly i think its more of a let down than getting nakata and now i have the PIM to go along with the Prime.
  • (Quote)
    That's what I thought was going to happen but then with certain sbc's getting extensions it makes little sense if there are no special cards in packs. Imagine how crap the 81+ and 82-88 packs will be with only rare gold and CL car…
  • No icon sbc's no fifa 21 for me because as you said you could deal with all the bad game play and connections and all the other EA dramatic moments by working your way towards the players you wanted. Each WL/Rivals rewards knocking off a segment or…
  • Bergkamp so close yet oh so bloody far
    That's twice that I have been trolled by that annoying card
  • (Quote)
    The worst part is they are taking away all aspects of the game that make you grind through all the bad game play.
    Icon sbc's gone, less league sbc's, untradeable rewards, player movement nerfed, objectives ruining rivals
  • They would have to put at least a new promo in because what is the point in any of those upgrades if there are no special cards in packs makes grinding for the icon sbc's almost worthless
  • Dupes are annoying enough but nothing worse than back to back dupes especially when its a card like petit that I didn't want in the first place.
    Oh well I'll try one more and then that's it for these 45 Icon sbc's done and the only wins being…
  • (Quote)
    There is defiantly something up with how pack luck works with people getting the same cards over and over or not having any luck at all. I've packed oblak 3 times already from this sbc alone
    I have lost count of the amount o…
  • 14-7 again and unless by some miracle they keep all the cards in packs thats WL done for another year thank god as this weekend was so inconsistent.
    I guess we know what they were doing during the 10 hours of maintenance just making the serves…
  • Loan cards and more loan cards the past month has been full of them
    If EA are going to allow them in WL then they might as well allow training cards as well
  • 5-3
    The fun and games are starting now.
    A 92+ minute equalizer and then a 123+ minute winner which was blocked by my defender only to fall to an unmarked player. And then my personal favourite a free kick ball hits the post slowly dribb…
  • Oh you know the simple things for my 90+ passing players to be able to pass the ball around a player not directly at them.
    Players with 90+ stand tackle to actually win the tackle.
    Attackers to make intelligent runs. Well actually more…
  • (Quote)
    Your right its a problem created by EA.
    With Icon sbc's I would have done one maybe 2 of these and I would have been playing with Eusebio/Cruyff/Guillit for months now with the amount of fodder and coins earned.
    You sho…
  • 2-0 at the moment should be 3 but got no loss glitched in extra time.
    The game is so full of lag that its a struggle to be bothered to play and if it wasn't for wanting to actually pack a TOTY player I would just skip it. Oh well 12 more wins…
  • (Quote)
    And after 10 hours of server maintenance and less people actually playing the game now and yet its still full of shocking delay
    in Nil Comment by Pnub September 2020
  • Its not just a PC problem I just got no loss glitched in extra time on xbox 2 goals up and then your result is under review back to the main menu no game played but fitness and contracts taken. Just a wasted 20 minutes and all I can do is report th…
  • 17. Sol Campbell
    Had a dupe Henderson but honestly with that result would have been better off just doing the 92+ what a waste and that's these done for me
  • (Quote)
    I only did 3 of these type of icon sbc's last year as they were never worth the gamble. Just completed segment after segment in the actual Icon sbc's got got great tradeable packs each time and ended up with exactly the Icon I wan…
  • To do 55 of these and not to get a single one of the top 5 players is wrong on so many levels and just 100% pure EA greed. The top icons are not accessible at all this year unless you are extremely lucky
  • (Quote)
    That's just crazy pulling Mbappe 3 times and here I'm still hoping for my first TOTY player in 7 years lol and i'll even settle for Robbo or Allison at this point in time
    in 2 x92 + Comment by Pnub September 2020
  • 16. Klose again
    I mean if it can't at least be Matthaus, ballack is a more useful card but I keep getting bloody strikers. At this stage I just wanted Carlos/Matthaus/Kenny.
    The 5x82 has made grinding silver upgrades a little more expen…
  • If Icon sbc's aren't brought back I just don't see myself buying the game.
    I have done 42 of the various PIM and Prime icon sbc's this year without getting any of the Icons I actually want where in 19 that would have easily been enough for Gul…
  • (Quote)
    A little more work but try buying silvers at 150 a piece to run through the silver upgrade. Works out at 400 per gold plus so far I have packed 3 TOTS players and FS Mount in the upgrades.
  • (Quote)
    Personally I think that pack weight should be great for everyone in the last 2 months of the year. Let the players pack the top TOTS cards and Icons and just have fun getting to actually use the top tier players even if its only f…
  • (Quote)
    Last year I used Gullit as a CAM in 41212 and 4321 and he was amazing. Out of the three he would seem the most obvious choice to play up front even if you used False 9 instructions to get him more involved in a 442
  • (Quote)
    That is some insane luck towards the end of the year. Always makes you wonder if there is some kind of algorithm to what you are packing or if it really is just a run of pure luck.
    I mean you see people who have packed multi…
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