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  • He was possibly scanned in 2019 for FIFA 20 when he was partnered with Millonarios.What happens is that EA retained it and after having removed the Colombian league, there was no time to add it.And now that Millonarios has returned to FIFA 23 after a few years away from Libertadores,and it's been almost 2 months since they…
  • These have never been in FIFA, what angers me the most is not being able to add faces that were already in the past, that's a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ neglect, these guys who work at EA are shameless. MILLONARIOS PLAYERS HAVE BEEN IN THE PAST, 2 YEARS AGO. IT WAS NOT TO HAVE THE EXCLUDED.EA shames me, the decline of the company that along…
  • Weak and unorganized company. I hope this UFL changes the level of football games, because EA is stagnating on the verge of collapse.Someone needs to take that throne for EA to remember that games have to be made for fun and not to convert them into casinos.They deserve punishment to remember why they are a game company…
  • About 20 minutes ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️ company, not even Millonarios players you were able to re-add in this update. Don't count on my money for the next edition, for me you need to go bankrupt,to learn to respect those who put money in your coffers, mercenaries
  • If we add the South American scans we still gain something, the problem is if it's only female scans.
  • I think it will be only the faces of Millionaires.
  • And if you doubt it, we'll only see these faces in the famous November update on the EAFC, that is, if they were scanned at the end of last year.
  • I've been waiting the lifetime of this FIFA 23 for the Celtic players scans and they're coming in the next game. It's a joke.
  • They can scan all the leagues, they will always prefer to add the faces of unimportant players first and leave the top ones for the next 4 years.
  • FIFA 23 was born dead, I didn't expect anything else after that DLC from the men's world cup.
  • EA is clueless, they don't know what they do. They owe us a top product, as they are the "n°1" in football games More do a lousy job, focus too much on Madden and the NBA, and forget to make a decent game for us.They're Canadians, they don't have enough passion for football to deliver a decent game Because we cannot deny…
  • It's impossible to believe that the Millonarios ones haven't been added yet, I'll have to wait another month to start an MC 🫠
  • He was added as well as Abel Hernández. The only ones I haven't seen yet are the guys from Millonarios and Wilfrild Bony
  • In my save they didn't have their placeholder, so there's no way for me to know. But I believe so
  • I had an old save and managed to find this face, possibly there are more.
  • https://twitter.com/NonoLoko10/status/1656228637551603713?t=3ykybCk94vXmUgeCEAqoBQ&s=19 Finally
  • Ochoa's face is from FIFA 09, these are from FIFA 11, and Gilardino appeared in FIFA 15.
  • 4 coaches from Italy that we could have in FIFA but EA excluded them.
  • FIFA 23 the most abandoned game of all. More than a month waiting for the Comenbol faces to be re-added, and so far nothing.
  • Meanwhile on the other side of the world, they are playing a more complete game.
  • do you know or what? know that the top of Série A is full of partners of Konami (with the exception of Juventus) And what good will the scans do if the best teams would be left out? hopefully EA has something up its sleeve.
  • another week has passed and in a week it will be May, we are already entering that phase where the season is ending. And I still haven't managed to make a Career Mode that passes the first transfer window.Because there are always things that make us want to start another CM.And in the end I feel wronged by this company,…
  • With the confirmation that possibly Torino and possibly some Serie A clubs have been scanned, we can say that FIFA 23 is already dead, right? It's hard to even believe that these faces that are about to arrive will arrive next week. Will hold until the end,and then they will deliver about 30 or 40 legacy and about 10 new…
  • The problem with Serie A is the 4 that are with Konami and Inter and Milan that closed the deal recently.This can greatly disturb the scanning of the entire league, as 6 of these teams are with Konami.And kind of like who cares about Cremonese? Salerlitan? WITHOUT ROMA, INTER, MILAN, LAZIO, NAPOLI AND ATALANTA, what fun is…
  • I sincerely hope that at least EA adds the faces of the players that were removed, at least those, the others are ok to wait until the next game, plus the ones that have been in the past, can't wait any longer to be re-added as they shouldn't even have been removed
  • There are players who fell into limbo forever, some of them were Cassierra, Omar Gaber, Díaz (ex-Dallas) and a Senegalese goalkeeper who played for Porto. All these players were found with their faces in the betas of the last few years, and by the time the game was released they had already gone to leagues outside of the…
  • EA retained some from PSG, PSV, Ajax, Racing, Millonarios (We even saw that Valencia that only had its space reserved in FIFA 23, and its Scan was made in the 19/20 season), Universidad Católica, Independiente, Boca Juniors, Porto, Benfica, MLS, J League, Mexico's partners (possibly Ochoa), La Liga 18/19, PL for several…
  • Pablo Aránguiz 26 years José Luis Moreno 24 years And we still have 2 or 3 faces of young Millonarios that will possibly arrive in the next update
  • Does anyone know if EA works on Saturday? and what time do they start work?
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