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  • I hope your both right and the whole pack stuff gets taken out completely. There needs to be a governing body that monitors games, like there is for other industries.
  • Could they not get around this just buy guaranteeing something like a promo card in a pack? Not a legal expert at any lengths but im sure a company as big as EA will have legal teams looking for every available loophole. I’d imagine the next thing will be ultimate pack-guaranteed 1 promo player(they will start putting…
  • Im waiting. No matter how good of a game they make if the connection issues aren’t addressed it’s just going to be the same ❤️❤️❤️❤️ as now. The game when smooth its really fun imo but im lucky if i get 5 of them out of the 30 in WL. Hopefully the London server can improve things and i might change my mind, i might even…
  • I know mate im not realistically expecting any changes before fifa 22 when things start being made for the new consoles. Even that’s probably a push though. It’s a shame because fut is such a good concept, i enjoy it all apart from the actual game itself. Hope you get something decent in your picks if you do grind it out👍
  • In the same boat but not even finishing weekend league I uninstalled the game today. Was 6-1 in WL last night but got no enjoyment out of it, realised i was playing purley out of habbit and fomo with rewards. Get more enjoyment out of the forum than i do the game, and i only found the forum because of how broken the game…
  • It’s shocking even winning isn’t enjoyable. Im having a good start 6-1 but the game is just a mess and I don’t know if il play anymore this WL. Pressing L1 to trigger runs and nobody moves. Opponent starts doing dragbacks in own half, i put team press on nobody moves. Go to do a fake shot and it doesn’t register it all so…
  • Got him untradeable last week he’s a beast! Replaced tots Phillips next to toty Kante and he just offers so much more to the overall game. Not bothered with a chem style basic actually looks the best to me.
  • New servers aren’t going to do anything its the lag compensation thats the problem. Doesn’t matter if you had 5ms ping if your opponent has 40 odd and is streaming youtube/Netflix, people in the house using bandwidth for facebook vids etc then the game will lag and completely ignore buttons pressed. It should be the player…
  • https://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/ You can do it through here but they don’t do anything.
  • https://i.postimg.cc/mgLt3c4C/9-BBB96-CB-7-CC6-4331-A98-F-F372-C4644792.png All untradeable apart from Mane and Rio. Got tots Opara in red picks but just can’t work out how to get him in and keep Ramos. Play 4231 or 41212 narrow in game.
  • Eusebio. Will be the first player ive scored a 1000 goals with on a single card in fifa this weekend or next.
  • Salvio and Opara. 2 more red picks that will never see the light of day. That Moroccan cb was main league player in both picks.
    in Reds You Got Comment by Pb91 June 2020
  • Div 3 and can quite honestly say its not worth going any higher with how sweaty div 1 & 2 are 90% of the time. Its like playing at a plus 15 elo every game. Better rewards need adding for div 3 and higher to make it worth the grind imo.
  • Leave him on basic is best. Get good boost across the board, pace is in 90s, maxed defence and boost some dribbling stats
  • Had enough in the club to do 2, got Sarabia in the first then Renato Sanches in the 2nd. Leaving it alone now and not riding my luck.
  • 10+ years ago it would have been High/high, used to play box to box and the old school up and down rm. Now i wouldnt even make low/low it would just say sat/down.
  • Got both as red picks Tagliafico is deffo a better lb
  • No his stamina is fine for me but I don’t sprint alot unless its a big gap. Sometimes sub him out around 70mins if i have to use team press early, but i have some tots subs so its not an issue really.
  • After life on Netflix is good if you haven’t watched it yet. Only thing i like on Prime is Vikings, theres a spin off in the works of it for Netflix when the last episodes have aired.
  • Stopped at G2 gameplays been to up and down to deal with the sweatfest that lies ahead to G1 and beyond.
  • Fifa 19 TOTW CR7 was about 2.7 mill at the time but kept him still in the club. This year ive had Zidane 94, Eusebio 89, and toty Kante but all untradeable.
  • Im using the 94 at cam and he’s killing it still mate so 96 should be even better
  • Games trash mate. Was just chasing a game 2-0 down at 60 min brought 3 fresh players on, turned constant pressure on then team press on the d-pad(players should be running round like mad men now) literally no movement. Didnt even have a bad connection either i think the game is just broke beyond repair now.
  • I played against a guy using it before and the ref was in basically the same kit was literally like he had a 12th man i was trying to avoid him like he was an extra cdm at times.
  • Have a look at scuf controllers. I used to get hand pain from ps pad (tendonitis) but got this its alot comfier, slightly bigger in the hand and you can swap shape of thumbsticks rather than the standard ps ones. Are abit pricey. Im hoping it will be compatible with ps5
    in My Left Thumb Comment by Pb91 May 2020
  • Had R96 in draft played uptop in a 4-5-1 he’s crazy good best ST ive used. Make sure you have specific instructions on like get in behind and stay forward to counter the M/M workrates
  • Can’t make sense of it either mate. Im from NW England, theres apparently a server in Ireland and one in France we must be connecting to the French one to end up playing all these Europeans is all i can think off.
  • Too hard to save packs for me atm. Got the ligue 1 booster pack to open tonight and thats it. Going to try to save thursdays rewards for ultimate though.
    in Stacked Packs Comment by Pb91 May 2020

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