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  • Not concrete proof at all. If you are not controlling a player near the opponent, they will position themselves as best they can. You first allowed him to get in a dangerous area. Then somehow didn't control a player that was closer to him than the player you were controlling. Random means the same situation can give…
  • The amount of goals I score is similar to 15, so I don't think the keepers are OP. They have improved, but I haven't seen a lot of superman saves. If anything, they should be somewhat better at saving longshots. With the tackling I agree. My only real gripe with the game. The problem for me is they ALWAYS try to dispossess…
  • I hate conceding headers from a corner any minute of the game. The 45th minute doesn't change anything about it. Do you pay attention to the amount of times you don't concede in the 45th minute? Because that is all there is going on... statistical bias. OP: if you didn't know other people experienced this, why even have a…
  • Thanks for the advice. I'll remind myself to stop enjoying it next time I play.
  • Maybe if someone got to the final using a silver squad, they know what they are doing. If your passes are off, maybe he is actually covering your passing lanes. Have never experienced this. How does that work then? Do I only get matched up with other people that don't get scripted? Why is every other thread a conspiracy…
  • But Messi and Robben can't just run past players as if they weren't there. They use their agility and try to wrong-foot the defender. When they are running down the wing with a player by their side they rarely ever gain an advantage. They are however exceptionally good at getting a headstart which is how they beat them. I…
  • I can understand it being a problem if you use auto switch. Trying not to tackle a speed dribbler is the best thing you can do.
  • Ultra defensive counter attacking football is as boring as it is in real life. Defending is still too easy unfortunately. If bad defending was punished more, FIFA 16 would go from good to great.
  • Ahahaha that's brilliant! Almost the exact same angle as the one I conceded. I take it all back, FIFA 16 is the football sim we have all waited for.
  • Long shots. I'm pretty decent at keeping the opponent away from the penalty box, but at least half of the goals I concede is a scorcher. Worst one was Crouch from the corner of the box while my keeper was helpless.
  • Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. But seeing the replies in this thread makes me realise I'm semi old.
  • Ball rolls, fake shots, LT/LT dribbling, 1-2s all work very well against them. Have the most fun against this type of player, because I score the best goals.
  • Those 3 rabid dogs are 3 men committed. Yes, high pressure is back with a vengeance. But this is a great tip if you start finding more ways of doing it.
  • You see, maybe playing 5 yard passes isn't such a good idea. They play these in real life, but only very quick and with the intention to get out of that space. Especially under high pressure you need to switch play instead of trying to tiki taka in small spaces. The pass wasn't good enough. If you take responsibility for…
  • Not sometimes, almost every single time. Practice the skill games and play on manual passing for a while. You will mess up a lot of passes, but it's easier to see what you did wrong instead of blaming your players.
  • For pretty much every pass that gets intercepted by the opponent, I can see what I did wrong. I don't see how that would be any different for you. If the opponent was in a position to intercept, the pass wasn't good enough.
  • Fake shots are only useful against over eager opponents. And the ronaldo chop looks like it's in slow motion. Nerf seems to be the forum's favorite word right now.
  • Trust me, getting this sort of code right is incredibly easy compared to the rest of the FIFA engine. Displaying the right moment of the replay seems to cause some errors sometimes and this looks like an example of it. I'm not saying that your explanation is impossible, just very unlikely.
  • Don't try to tackle as much. I know 90% of the people playing make it look like you need 10 rabid hounds instead of players. But being patient and forcing a mistake is a much better gameplan in the long run. Jockey with L2/LT and just let him come to you, force him into doing what you want. Try to keep the shape of your…
  • I know he sounds like a troll, but he is actually not. I will expand in grown up language. The replays of goal line technology sometimes don't show the right moment. As you can see, the goalkeepers hands are not yet touching the ball. He is saying the ball traveled a little further across the line before getting saved by…
  • Same for me. All I see is people not understanding offense and defense. Calling it "auto-defense" is silly. FIFA is more tactical than ever before. You can't just run at the defense and expect the sea to part for you. The AI without the opponent playing is easily beaten. And if we're talking about contain, there is more to…
  • I'm going with option D. All of the above. If you want good dribbling, incorporate it all and know when to use which option. L2 dribbling, L2+R2 dribbling, skill moves (the easier ones are the most effective), know when to use R2, but mostly when not too, and the new no touch dribbling (L1 or L1+R2) is amazing for me.
  • All that matters in football is how many times the ball crosses the goal line. More so in this FIFA than any other do I feel in control of the match. They made it more tactical as opposed to a struggle to stop sprinters. Therefore finishing is a crucial part of the game as well and when I concede I know what I did wrong.
  • Use this. Make a run with a second free kick taker or control one of the outfield players and play the ball to him. Don't rely on the AI doing everything for you.
  • Confirmation bias everywheeeeeeere!
  • Hold L1/LT to not touch the ball, then release it and exit with the left stick. Great for when you don't want to take an extra touch towards the defender. Instead anticipate where he is going and go the other way. Right now I am working on timing it right.
  • I think they did an amazing job at making the game realistic if difference in pace is the only thing you can complain about.
  • Did he break a record by breaking so many records? He should get a RBRB card ;)

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