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  • Same goes for VAR, would be interesting to have that available for career mode. EA stuck in the stone age.
  • Looking forward to the team line-ups graphic at the start of a match being in sync and timed properly instead being cut short because the players are ready for kick off. Not the biggest of issues but its something that needed fixing in FIFA19.
  • Does the team line-up graphics get cut short because the timing is wrong on FIFA20 like it did for FIFA19? I hate it when that happened, your looking at both line-ups then all of a sudden it gets cut short as the players are ready for kick off. I ho…
  • These face updates are great and all but do any of you think EA will ever find a way of allowing us to use the updated scans in current career mode saves? I don't want to have to start a new career every time new starheads are released in a patch. I…
  • (Quote) Yeah you'll get the updated faces like Zaha and Lingard but brand new starheads that haven't featured in the game before... you'll have to start a new career to experience those. My argument is that we shouldn't have too. I want them in my …
  • What annoys me is the fact we are living in 2018 and yet we'll still have to start a brand new career mode save to see/use the new promoted teams starheads. Surely there must be a way to implement them into existing saves or is this EA just being la…
  • (Quote) I really hope not but it'll be interesting to see what they'll use it for because FUT already has its own area for buying packs etc...
  • I want to know what this "downloadable content" section is and whether it'll play apart in career mode. Will it allow us to download updated scans which can be added to our on going save instead of having to start a new one? Will we be abl…
  • I'm surprised we've never had Gary Neville on commentary, would love to have a choice of either Tyler and Smith or Tyler and Neville. When Neville was in that FUT ad with Carragher a few years ago I thought that was going to open the door. Maybe for…
  • (Quote) True! Just had chance to check the dates and gamescom actually starts 21st August which is a Tuesday. Can see us getting the info then...closer than the 24th haha
  • (Quote) Doubt it, think we'll get career mode info at gamescom which I think is 24th August
  • (Quote) Yep that needs to happen and I think it will too same for Gomes. Didn't Angel complain about his default face last year? Maybe EA took that into consideration for FIFA19. Fingers crossed.
  • One thing that hasn't been mentioned yet (I don't think) is registering players for the season for both Premier League and Champions League/Europa adding to it the ability for players to be cup-tied if bought in January and they have already played …

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