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    Spoken like a true buy hard fan. Matchmaking is a joke
  • So reading these post I have learned that you are matched on your ability (I know this already) but that still does not justify why an 80 rated team gets put against an 84 rated team over 90% of the time does it? Also I appreciate the fact that it w…
  • So if it is based on a skill rating then how would the team make no difference? If I am matched with someone who is even to me but has a team that is ALOT better then what chance do I have. So it needs to be looked at and marched like for like there…
  • I would rather a fair game then a unfair one, to your point if I was better I would win but I get smashed so your point is valid in a strange way but completely wrong as this is not the case.
  • Basically I wish everyone would stop with playing their defense in their own goal mouth. Great you cannot get near the goal but anybody who wishes to play this way needs putting down because the gameplay suffers. One long ball after another because …
  • If you want to improve FIFA you need to take away the option of every online player setting there defence to sit on the edge of their own box. You cannot play a through ball or a ball over the top it's not like playing a real match it's so frustrati…
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