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  • On German Twitter Account EA said, that there will be further information on the promoted teams Paderborn and Union Berlin and possibly Freiburg when asked about starheads and stadium.
  • This guy tweeted, that game changers will be able to capture starheads tomorrow and as I understand be able to publish them.
  • In my opinion it would be a nice little addition if you could monitor the whole amount of goals a player scored and the amount of assists (or goalie how often he had a clean sheet) during the time he stayed at least in your club. Even better would b…
  • Where did you get those pics/ this information?
  • @EA_Andy @EA_Cian Isn't it at least possible to tell if that's it for Fifa 19 concerning future starhead updates? I mean considering the last years it is most likely that there will be no further updates but I guess many people still hope for it. At…
  • Very disappointing... So I still can't start a career with the promoted English teams. Not to mention the Bundesliga scans...
  • Guys I don't know if anyone posted it yet. The german football magazine Kicker published an article about a 3d-designer called Frank Arndt. It seems as he accidentally leaked a picture of the Commerzbank Arena, which he modeled for Fifa 20 as he say…
  • For me it seems clear that EA is doing this whole generic player/ scanned player stuff intentionally. They know that for many people, realistic player faces are really important. But since they want to sell their game every year for 60 €, they don't…
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