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  • Ea have only had at least five years to fix career mode. Why haven't they bothered to do so They've never had any intent of fixing it. Year on year the coding errors have mounted up. Along comes fifa 20 and all wilfully ignored errors have accumulated and we get meltdown. As if ea didn't know this was going to happen. But…
  • If you are in the UK then you can sue under the consumer rights act. It's a strong piece of law. Of course it will cost you more than the cost of the game to sue but if you win then you get it back and set that all important precedent.
  • Wow. That's absolutely brilliant. Thanks so much. Fifa 20 will be saved again by this brilliant chap. This man is a genius and the quality of his work and dedication is almost beyond belief.
  • That's great. Unfortunately that will be impossible until frosty editor is working with fifa 20. I don't know how difficult fifa 20 is for modders to work with but in order to get it working they need to get an encryption key. That could possibly take many months.
  • The video at the top of this thread does not relate to fifa 20. Its an old video that's probably related to fifa 18. I must have said this so many times. These are not new problems. Ea choose to ignore them and are more concerned with stopping modding than fixing the game. Ea don't want the scripting removed. Prior to 18…
  • Ea haven't bothered to fix this for at least the last three fifa. They've been flooded with complaints and ignored them all. These coding errors are nothing new. They've been getting worse every year. They could be fixed with mods until fifa 19 when ea blocked the traditional method of modding the errors. If the modders…
  • What's the point reporting new bugs when ea ignore them. Career mode has been bugged for years and it's all been reported. What have ea done with all the bug reports? Absolutely nothing. It's shameful. I suspect this time tho ea may have to listen given the level of the backlash. Its also making all the main UK newspapers.
  • I have tried to review this game on amazon and their app won't allow me to do so. Obviously I'd tell the truth about the game and clearly ea have bribed amazon not to allow any reviews prior to release date This is the first time I've ever seen anything on amazon not being allow a review
  • I agree. Under UK consumer law, this game is definitely unfit for its intended purpose
  • I gave up today with my career. I either won games easily or the cpu played like gods, irrespective of how good they are in reality and scored three goals in the first 15 mins. Then there's the scripting. Some matches where I was supposed to win, in the last 15 mins the cpu just stopped playing and passed the ball to me so…
  • I guarantee ea will not fix this at any time in the future
  • How many years have we been informing ea of all the problems with fifa and how many years have ea been totally ignoring them. They know what the problems are a haven't got any intentions of fixing them. The game gets worse every year. Only modding fixes the game and every year Ea seem more concerned with stopping mods than…
  • Because EA have absolutely no intention to fix the problem. To fix it is to acknowledge it. Just as ea won't accept that the games are scripted. Did anyone truly expect ea to fix a problem they've deliberately ignored for so many years. Thankfully on pc the game can be modded. These mods fix the game.
  • I played f20 in CM for first time today. As mentioned in many places, CM has some significant issues. I started a trial cm with Sheff United. I use my own designed .ini as used in 19 Player animations are very strange esp when shooting/heading. Iys like they skip a frame as they shoot. Ball physics are awful. Goals kicks…
  • I've no intention of playing fut. Career mode was superb last year on the ps4. I don't care that the core presentation is the same. I just want ti gameplay to actually play properly. This year its dreadful. If its awful in career mode then it's awful in fut. It's the same core program. Ea don't change career mode core…
  • The game is very badly programmed. I only play career mode and I'm on ultimate To those who said I don'tike losing. It's drivel. I'd rather loose a great game 3-2 than win a one sided game 5-0 The gameplay is dreadful and the ping pong is truly awful. Too many issues to list Ea won't listen. They never do
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