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  • (Quote) Yeah i found that with pim Sanchez and prime scholes, have pim gattuso, he's a bit rigid bit need for chem. I've heard mid seedorf is better than prime so may be worth a look if you're buying. And yeah the early 00s milan team was good to w…
  • My rewards always seem to be better at g2 than g3. Could be to do with having 4 to choose from each pick instead of 3 and 1 guaranteed from the main league that week
  • Griezman, visca, taa and tagliafico. Have Rashford, veratti, depay and kovacic on the bench
  • Henderson is a decent all rounder, pretty quick with shadow chem too. Either him or seedorf, if you go with seedorf then swap cr7 and trez then everyone's on 10 chem.
  • Was quite happy when I got him from the marquee matchup pack, thought ea might have been trying to keep me playing but apparently just about everyone getting him like he's nothing special.
    in Kimmich!??? Comment by MrMTFC June 12
  • 6 in mine, all untradeable exc Sanchez. All 10 chem exc tag and vvd. Starting as 433 v3 4 prem (red tots taa, fb luiz, futmas de gea, 91 vvd) 3 icons (pim gattuso, pim Sanchez, prime scholes) 1 turk lig (red tots visca) 1 la liga (red tots griezman…
  • I'm tempted not to return for 21 atm, what could help persuade me would be individual icon sbc like last year, a random one like this year and icon swaps together. Give more casual players who can't afford to or won't sink more money into the game a…
  • I think if the 20/21 season can start before fifa 21 is released then it will be easier to resist as I can hopefully return to watch my local team again. I think it'll still be hard to resist it after playing since about fifa 04 so it's almost engra…
  • Try 5221 the wing backs basically act as rm/lm if they're on balanced instructions, or change to get forward/stay back as you want. It's mostly the same as 3421 but more balanced on the wing backs. I think it gives an easier way to pass it round and…
    in 3421 struggle Comment by MrMTFC June 9
  • Kent will be in for sure, he'll probably be the only real pack seller unless in missing anyone. Taison and orsic could be good face stats, but don't sell for anything compared to Kent
  • Tbf if this is true then people should realise that it's never going to be as simple as watching everything your teenage child says, does, use their money on or spend their time doing. Unless you're the most overbearing, controlling parent ever, you…
  • (Quote) Ridiculous when people blame things like shootings and crimes ect on games like gta when they've clearly not seen the example ea set with fifa. At least gta is open and honest about what it's game is and has the appropriate age rating. How …
  • I agree with you completely mate, there's just too much wrong with the game and ea the biggest for me, only just edge it over the obviousness of trying to get kids addicted so they spend so much money and affects their health. I've had every fifa s…
  • They do it all the time to all of them, except seemingly yedder, mbappe and neymar. Just seems an excuse for them to make you think they are rubbish now so buy more fp for packs to raise coins and get other players constantly. The only real consiste…
  • I'm same, no fp since about Xmas 17 and this year not packed a great deal of good. Played more this year than before (more to the football season for my team being cancelled early) and I've had 91 totw vvd (from about 10 totw upgrades at the time), …
  • It's the companion app, always works for me when I restart it. The companion is good for doing sbc or bn on players buy bidding is bugged to hell
    in Bidding ban?? Comment by MrMTFC June 4
  • Got that damn 89 gk then 88 Ochoa from latam one so really not happy. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ off ea, I used higher rated fodder than the damn players I got back
  • Each time the icon sbc has come round it hadn't been straight away I don't think. I think they were a week or 2 into the storyline season, not immediately released after a seasons finished. Would like to see it tomorrow though, keep being tempt3d wi…
  • I got gattuso, not the quickest but with shadow chem he's been good for me. Best as a stay back cdm and passing has been good enough for me, generally use scholes for long ball passes though. Unless you've took it already, I'd say the pack though. T…
  • Been in 1 or 2 for the last about 5 years but somehow now can't get above 5
  • 4231 without the ccam, defend and hit on the counter attack. It's all I can ever really do with a player sent off. Covers the centre and gives a chance for my attackers to get in space to play up to them. Otherwise I swap between 5221, 433 v2 and 43…
  • Fun - No. I just find it really boring
  • Pim shearer, scored a lot more goals than games played with him. Only replaced him with pim Sanchez as I think he's a bit better but he's going for just over 600k. Edit: just seen Sanchez is going easily about 450k now so I'd say him
  • Had both and griezman is much better, cazorla is way too slow so only any good as a deep lying playmaker for me. I prefer griez on left wing/lf but should be good centrally
  • If you want to keep team 1 then swap neuer for an icon keeper and will be on 100 then, should put manolas on 9 or 10. I have red visca and he's not bad but think team 2 looks better anyway, icon keeper should still put manolas on 9 or 10
  • Totssf mili-savic isn't bad for me, my only downside so far is he's a little slow, but I haven't used a chem on him yet. Shadow, hunter, catalyst or engine (if you want to improve his balance but it's been fine so far for me) should be good
    in Attacking CM? Comment by MrMTFC May 31
  • Totssf fernandinho has been good for me, hold kante is good and cheap
  • Totw vvd 91 this year was about 1.2 mil I think at the time or totssf salah was about 1.7 I think, both were untradeable of course. Think my nest tradeable pull was champions league finalist special nauer (when bayern lost final vs Chelsea) sold for…
  • I've been playing more since the seasons got postponed (or cancelled for my team) just because it's the only football there was. If it hadn't have been cancelled, I'd have spent my weekends using my season ticket for Mansfield town rather than havin…
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