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  • Issue Summary: Squad Numbers reset Issue Details: Occasionally when I restart my Ultimate Team the squad numbers I have set for players are reset to default. This can also happen when swapping between squads. Game Mode: Ultimate Team Platform (Xbox …
  • So if you had 10 players with individual chemistry at max 10 and one player at say 4, giving a team chemistry of 100, would the 4 chemistry player be pish compared to the rest?
  • Question on chemistry lads, does it matter if you have red lines even if you have 100 chemistry?
  • |I realised that I posted this in FUT and was wanting to change it for Career mode or kick off etc
  • This might be a question which has been answered many times over but I can't find an answer so hopefully will here. My favourite team is Celtic and I am trying to change the stadium from Eastpoint Arena (why Celtic Park isn't in the game is beyond m…
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