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  • I'd take Calderwood back over this clown.
  • I'm hoping to go to Nice v Monaco tonight to get my footy fix as f1 qualifying is on at the same time as the game tomorrow.
  • 14 wins got me Silva and Trent. I had spent the week regretting not hitting 17.
  • I did Ibra in between losing streaks on weekend league. Found this week a lot harder compared to the past few weeks.
  • Sterling and Pepe from gold 3 for me. Was planning on taking this weekend off from Fifa but the thought of McGinn being in TOTW next week has me hooked.
  • Fans going onto the pitch because someone is goading them, I'm sure I've seen that before at a Hibs v Rangers game. But we are hopeless, Lennon would at least have us going at them instead of sitting off.
  • Gold 2 picks and my first choice is a 75, 76, 76 and 80. Only positive was a Jordi Alba from packs
  • I got Jovic and Sancho. Really wanted Jovic as he has some good stats.
  • Happy to give the guy a chance, he does have to hit the ground running though.
  • Hanlon and Marciano let us down badly today. Shout out to the guy in the middle of midfield for Aberdeen though. Dictated play, constantly broke up Hibs attacks and didn't give us a sniff in the game. Think his name was Don Robertson.
  • (Quote) I've got Kane and Mertens from the untradeable one and Alex Sandro from a tradeable one.
  • The game must have felt really sorry for me having to discard an untradeable Jordi Alba from my division rewards that they gave me Prime Hernandez from my wl rewards. Forrest was my red pick too.
  • Edinburgh city for 300. We were awful, too many players having poor and some questionable tactics and subs. Had to facepalm when Swanson got that reception from the Hibs fans.
  • (Quote) I didn't know that. That's a shame as I'm not overly interested in the top cards this week.
  • (Quote) Thanks for that info. I just need to work out how I'd get him in.
  • If I get Sancho from my fut champions rewards I'm tempted to do Reus. Is his stamina an issue in the centre of the park?
  • (Quote) Especially if you have the scream version.
  • (Quote) I had him at the very start. Great with the ball at his feet but didn't rate his heading.
  • Red Lukaku and Mane from silver 1. Absolutely buzzing right now.
  • Settled on silver 1 this weekend. A combination of a poor start and being unwilling to play my last 5 games at 6am cost me gold 3/2.
  • (Quote) Does the lack of a large defensive mid not harm you?
  • (Quote) What is your midfield 3?
  • Anyone used 4321 or a 433 attacking team? Currently using this but feel Hazard is wasted. Planning on getting prime Gerrard soon. 41212 wide Lloris Carvajal UCL, Ramos UCL, UCL Sanchez, Robbo Fellaini OTW Mahrez, POTM Hazard IF Sigurdsson Jesus,…
  • Started with 800k and a bunch of untradeable players. Now have Hazard, a new pack pulled Suarez and 650k.
  • Always go untradeable personally. Got IF King who looks decent
  • (Quote) Don't be. It masks getting 1 84 from 12k fifa points last night. Looking forward to the game tonight. No idea how it's gonna go.
  • My fifa 19 has started well. Got Prime Okocha from the a 15k sbc pack this morning.
  • (Quote) We have been held back every time I've went to Ibrox. If grown men and women find opposing players celebrating difficult then maybe football is not the sport for them.
  • (Quote) Shaw didn't have his best game yesterday, summed up when he fell over as the ball came to him. Boyle playing up front was non existent for a lot of the match. Ambrose was far too casual and was to blame for the goal imo.
  • I was in the singing section for the game yesterday and it looked clear as day that Hanlon got a touch on the ball. I thought GMS should have been off yesterday although not a straight red for that incident. It looked like he attempted a blatant di…

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