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  • Issue Summary:With best stats in the lobby(both drop in and pro club) I never get to take Corners,Free kicks or Penalties.And Flair Trait also doesn't work. Issue Details: As an example,I am 89 Creator playing a drop in Match with guys who are max 8…
  • I have found another weird thing and the way you lose your accomplishments.It is definitely some problem with data synchronization.Before to begin,my player overall is 88 CAM.So,I just turned on FIFA 16 and went to the kitchen to make a tea.After a …
  • EA is ****!!!!!!!!!Worst company ever.Takes almost 3 weeks for this as8holes to make a patch to fix Pro Clubs bug.But the worst part is that they let this happen.If Pro Clubs gave money to them they would make sure it worked well.
  • (Image) Personally,I have noticed that my Online Pro save file was not touched after all of my accomplishments got reset.They were reset around 17.50 PM 30th September but the save file in Customize>Profile>Delete says that it last modified 3…
  • (Quote) This is an absurd,really.Kyle said that it is possible that progress won't be restored but Kyle, tell us,why do we have to play it over and over again?We've already unlocked a part of accomplishments and there is no desire to unlock them on…
  • Issue Summary: All accomplishments reset to zero Issue Details: I've just started playing a match and my 84 ovr got lost,instead I was playing a player with 76 ovr.After the match every of my progress got reset and it says my ovr is 81.I had complet…

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